6 Things to Consider When Planning a Biker-Themed Birthday Party

Is an adrenaline lover’s birthday coming up? Is the birthday girl/boy a fan of motorcycles? If so, you want to make a biker party decoration for a birthday party. Not sure how to do? Chill; we’re here to help! Below, we bring you all the necessary tips to throw the best biker birthday party. Enjoy

  1. Biker Party Decorations

Since it is the sport that fascinates birthdays, for this we bring you the best advice and we will see step by step how to decorate it, so that you can offer him/her the best day of his life.

It will be a party where the decoration will be in accordance with this outdoor activity, that is to say, you will represent this environment of energy, adrenaline, skill and movement in the party accessories, to recreate the sensation of being in a Moto Cross tournament.

For this motorbike party, you can create the perfect environment for adults or children, so first you’ll need to know if you’re looking for decoration ideas for adults or items for children.

The decoration for a motorbike party is simple, with decorative elements such as cheap themed garlands, happy birthday pennants with extreme riders, among others, will make this motorbike party the great tournament of the fabulous world of the competitive Motocross closed circuit. But the most important thing will be the race flag, a big flag that marks the beginning and the end of this party.

We know you want to know how to organize a biker party, but when it comes to biker parties, you can do your own version. Start by putting up several chalkboard signs with personalized messages.

  1. Consider the Venue

Once this is confirmed, you need to consider the characteristic elements, starting with the venue for this activity, which you will recreate when decorating the motorbike themed party.

If you want to celebrate a motorbike themed party in the open air, you can choose to make a birthday kit with a design of the motorbikes crossing the terrain, where the riders perform their stunts, it will look fabulous and make the birthday boy/girl happy.

At home, you have the possibility to enlarge a space for the table. You can showcase every element of the sport by using motorbike wheels on the walls, the helmet as a centerpiece, a birthday banner near the table, safety cones, signs and of course the champion’s cup.

  1. The Table

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The hallmark of biker hangouts are usually barbecues and large gatherings with burgers and snacks, so you can recreate that when it comes to your motorcycle-themed party.

To recreate your own, use some cheap plastic trays to put the meat that is made, don’t forget to buy plastic bowls to put the companions such as: lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, mushrooms, onion….

Don’t forget to set a table with colorful balls, metallic confetti, snacks and biscuits, as well as delicious cupcakes, with their motorbike muffin tops.

  1. Colors

The versatility of this theme gives you the opportunity to choose different colors that you identify with and can use indoors or outdoors, but most are vibrant and eye-catching.

If you want to use basic tones, this time you can combine orange, red party items and black decorations, the latter are perfect for sketching riders in action, an image you can capture on a wooden wall, which gives the feeling of being outside even if you are celebrating at home.

  1. Games

You can use your children’s pinata toys or motorbikes to decorate. This is a theme that allows your child’s toy cars or motorbikes to be part of the decoration.

  1. Costumes

You can buy costumes online and biker costumes to make it a theme party. Also, activities such as racing and circuits will be more fun if the child is dressed as a real driver.

We hope that with these ideas to organize a motorcycle-themed birthday you can make it very special. You must know the tastes of the birthday boy or girl, and take care of the details that make this motorcycle party unforgettable.

What’s the most original birthday party you’ve organized before? Let us know in the comments below.

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