Indian Wedding Decoration Themes That You Should Know

Weddings are special moments for the wedded or prospective couples. It brings together different families and guests to witness the commitment between the couple and associate with them as they celebrate their union. Indian weddings are elaborate feats that extend for a longer period starting with pre-ceremony, the actual ceremony and post- ceremony. These festivities marked by exceptional and ingenious décor that crowns these celebration periods. It is worth noting that Indian nuptial décor assimilates a religious tone that dictates that the type of décor, materials, and items, which are characterized by religious aspects. An elaborate marriage décor plan finds a special place in the hearts of bride and in extension the entire wedding party.

It is not like organizing a regular way of wedding – it is about Indian wedding decoration themes that will surely embellish your dream wedding. The day when you exchange your vows with your partner and promise to hold a hand for the rest of the life is not just a simple day. It is rather a special occasion to celebrate with your better half.

“Marriage is a timeless celebration”

If you decide to take your vows following a traditional Indian wedding, you will get a number of Indian wedding decoration ideas that will make guests awestruck and surprise. Thematic Indian wedding is not about making ordinary arrangements of lights and flowers. It is about creativity that makes the entire venue look stunning and beautiful.

When it comes to Indian wedding decoration ideas, you will get a number of options –

1. Eternal cream and red combination wedding

The traditional wedding color combination such as cream and red look the most elegant. You can use various shimmering drapes to give an outstanding look to the venue. If you want, you can use golden accessories that will add a royal theme to the venue. However, if you are a bit confused about this thematic idea, you can check out wedding decoration pictures of professional companies to get a better idea about wedding decorations.

2. The peacock theme

Just like the beautiful peacock bird, the color combination of golden and green gives a fantastic look to the wedding. With darker shades of blue and green, you can add silver and golden bling to add shine to the venue. The dark theme looks really great in daylight or the evening.

3. Ivory and peach color combination

This color combination will surely thaw your heart. The color combination creates such a theme that it looks beautiful in day and night as well. To make it look more beautiful, you can add golden chandeliers to the venue.

4. Absolute white flower decoration

The absolute white flower decoration is unparalleled, and you will never go wrong if you choose this particular theme solo. You can use other color flowers as highlighters and candles to give an enhanced and glowing look to the venue. You can have a look at various white flower decoration pictures to choose the best one for your wedding.

What are some popular showroom inauguration decorations ideas?

A showroom is one of the easiest and traditional ways of attracting customers. From ribbon cutting, curtain-raising to VIP bouquets and entrance, to do everything in perfect order, you need to hire professional decorators of Bangalore. They are professional decorators, who have expertise and knowledge in decorating various events such as mehndi and sangeet décor, wedding décor, naming ceremony and the like.

“Indian wedding is all about elegance and eternity”

There are several types of showroom inauguration decoration ideas:

• Formal flower decoration idea

• Logo upfront design

• Customize interior decoration

By choosing any of these options for your showroom decoration, you can make your guests go gaga. However, to implement all these ideas, you need to hire a professional company that makes your dream come true.

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