4 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

You have some great news! He finally popped the question and you are thrilled about the wedding and all the organization around it. But first, you need to host your bridal shower party. This event is a traditional way of celebrating your couple and love for your future husband. And, most of all, it is an excellent opportunity to let your loved ones spoil you as you start your new life chapter.

However, with all the excitement going on, you are lacking inspiration and don’t know what to do to ensure your party is a success while keeping every entertained. Relax! We have some solutions for you.

In this article, we’ve gathered together a list of 4 bridal shower theme ideas for you to get inspired and throw the party of the year (besides your wedding of course).

1. Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party


A tea party is an elegant and sophisticated way to host a bridal shower, mostly if you were the kind of little girl who always loved princess celebrations. It can either be intimate with just the bridal team invited, or you may decide to organize a more significant event including female friends and family members that will be present to your wedding.

Choosing to host the party in a nice hotel restaurant or rent a hall space will be perfect for this theme. You should pick everything else around the tea party’s idea, including the menu consisting of tea sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes, or even a fresh fruit salad. You can also offer your guests some party favors like a tiny packet of cookies or a small pot of tea.

2. A DIY Beauty Gathering

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Who does not like to feel good while looking gorgeous? If you usually enjoyed using organic beauty products, your bridal shower party is a beautiful occasion to make your own beauty items. For instance, creating your own face masks and scrubs are really fun, and your guests get to take theirs at home. Plus, this is an excellent way of reducing the number of chemicals and harmful toxins in your body.

You can even get a professional to show you how to blend essential oils and create some fantastic scents. The brand Lush, which sells fresh handmade cosmetics, also offer some private parties that could be an original way of having some fun for your shower.

3. Get Behind the Stove or Bar

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If you are more a foodie with a passion for cooking than a beauty product lover, this idea would be perfect for you! While cooking classes are becoming more popular for team building, these can be fun for a bridal shower as well. You can keep it simple and make only one item, like cheese or bread, and then enjoy a light lunch.

Another fun option is to become your own bartender. Gather your girl pals and learn the art of making cocktails. You can even call for an experienced mixologist that will guide you through the basics of combining some tasty ingredients to come up with exotic and refreshing drinks. Not only will you have a lovely time, but you will also be left with exquisite cocktails to toast with.

4. Throw a Wine Tasting Party

As a wine lover, throwing a wine tasting party for your bridal shower would be totally coherent. You will be able to share your passion with your friends and relatives and help them improve their palate while pleasing everybody’s taste buds. You can even invite an experienced sommelier that will guide you through the different wines comparing regional varieties during a cozy dinner.

These are simple yet creative ideas that you can use to host your bridal shower. You can come up with many other themes, but the main idea is to ditch what everyone is doing for a theme that represents you and that you’ll enjoy.
Have you recently host your bridal celebration with an exciting theme? Let us know what you did in the comments below.

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