Spooky and Fun Ways to Decorate Your Office This Halloween

Trick or treat? It’s almost that time of year when it’s socially acceptable to dress up as you want and eat lots of candy without being judged. Personally, it’s one of my favourite days of the year. You probably have all your costumes, Halloween plans and decorations on hand, but what about your office decorations? If you want to take Halloween to the next level this year and get into the Christmas spirit, consider giving your office decorations a whole new punch this Halloween, of course, without breaking the bank!



If Halloween falls on a working day, have fun and wear a costume to the office, if you don’t mind. As long as it’s suitable for work, make sure you and your staff dress in the spirit of Halloween and get the job done a little faster. A costume contest to choose the best costume for the job is also a good idea to encourage others to dress up.



It may be the oldest Halloween accessory, but it can instantly turn your office into a terrifying success. They’re also relatively easy to put on and take off. During Halloween season, you can find a spider’s web in almost any inexpensive shop. Hang them on walls, tables, doors and even on a desk chair. Add fake plastic spiders or chandeliers that can be used in the spiderweb for extra taste!



if you have more free time, cut the pumpkin to work! Bonus points for pumpkins with your company name or logo. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or time carving pumpkins for work, there are also many fake pumpkins already carved that won’t ruin your budget. Put them on a table or counter, and they will give everyone something to look at to brighten up the day.


Black and Orange Serpentines

Serpentines are one of the easiest and cheapest Halloween decorations. Just use black and orange ribbons and braids, that’s all. Hang them on the wall, desk or in another area of the office that looks a little naked.


Candy Box

  1. If you use the excuse that you’re too old to cheat or want your candy to be fixed too soon, consider investing in a candy box.
  2. Buy a black plastic bowl that you can find at any local shop and fill it with your favourite treats such as Twix, Snickers and Butterfingers.
  3. Put it on your desk or any other easily accessible place for other office workers to help themselves.



Everyone loves balloons, and at this time of year many party shops offer black and orange balloon wrappers. Use the black and orange cord to tie up the balloons, and dispose of them in places that are easy to remove afterwards. Be careful not to put them in inaccessible locations; otherwise, you will have to wait until they are empty. Try not to drop too many balloons with ten or less.



Hang a Halloween banner in your office where everyone can see it. Try using a wall or door to show your spirit. Most party shops offer banners in different designs, so choose the one that best suits your office. If you work with children, try to choose something that isn’t too scary and is more child-friendly.



If you really want to celebrate Halloween and go out, consider investing in black lights. Put them in hallways or places where you don’t need good light or illumination to read. They will give your office a terrifying atmosphere and a terrible sense of belonging if you want to go further in your decorating project.


Decorate Your Door

Buy a large vinyl or plastic Halloween tablecloth and cover the door with it. Or buy a large roll of black felt from a fabric shop and cover the door with it. Be more creative, carve pumpkins or letters from these Halloween Happy games and attach them to the felt. You can also hang posters or plastic sticks on the handle.



Take pumpkins, witches and scary inflatables and put them in your office. You can also sit on your desk chair for lunch or at your desk for all-day fun. You can also put them on the company lawn to show that you are genuinely in the spirit of Halloween.


Have fun at your workplace this year as you prepare for the spookiest moment of the year.


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