5 Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Church Wedding

With their baroque or renaissance architecture, the church is already an ornament in itself. But on the day of the “fateful yes”, such a luxurious setting can come alive with an explosion of colorful, fresh, and fragrant flower bouquets and romanticism! So what is the best way to decorate this peaceful setting? Here are five easy steps you may follow to achieve a mesmerizing church floral arrangement for your big day!

1) The Church Entrance

How exciting is it to wait for the future bride, the one who’s allowed a slight delay before making the grand entrance into the church? At this moment of impatience, the external environment becomes an integral part of the elegance and style of the place. For the church entrance and to emphasize the podium, elegant baskets filled with precious vases and the most delicate flowers can be used.

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2) The Main Portal

Immediately after the entrance, all eyes rush to the imposing and majestic door, which marks the religious ceremony’s real beginning. Such an entrance’s solemnity can be transformed by an arch of flowers, which shines with joy and hospitality. To achieve this, create a composition consisting of flowers of similar colors. This will also create a more luxurious and festive visual effect while maintaining subtle stylistic linearity. Besides, you can choose fine fabrics and colored tulle to complement the floral elements.

3) The Indoor Environment

Decorating an environment that is already adorned can be quite challenging. For this reason, the floral decorations must compromise with the atmosphere of the surroundings and the character of the ceremony, without overflowing each other. Achieving this goal is much easier than it seems. Any floral decoration can be placed on the aisle’s sides. This won’t interfere with architectural ornaments already present inside the church. If it looks too dark, you can add candles or lanterns in a floral arrangement along the aisle.

4) Benches and Seats

After the impatient wait, the ceremony finally begins. Guests sit organized along with church benches and chairs. But how can the seats be adorned? In this case, more attention should be paid to details than in other cases. For instance, a selection of small, exquisite jewelry, or even just those that might well reflect the wedding style, can be attached to the seats. There’s no need to go beyond this type of composition, only a small decoration, located on each chair’s back or at the end of benches. Avoid bulky decorations, as they will distract attention from the main stage, where the future spouses will be preparing to exchange their phrases for a promise of marriage.

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5) The Altar

The church’s altar is the center of the whole ceremony, exactly where the “Yes, I do” is pronounced. In fact, at some point during the religious ceremony, everyone’s attention will be toward the couple, ready to capture all the highlights of the celebration. So how can the altar be beautifully enhanced? Depending on the altar’s size and structure, there are several choices to help decorate the altar.

Pedestal Decoration – Pedestal church wedding flowers will adorn the altar prominently and make it more eye-catching. You can also use tulles and ribbons to add color.

Tabletop Vase: a plain vase filled with flowers is the simplest yet most elegant type of altar decoration and can be customized and moved as required.

Candle Composition: Couples having a candle unity ceremony as part of their wedding vows can use a floral composition that includes a candle holder. This is a great and convenient way to enhance the church altar.

What other ways you thought of to decorate the church for your special day? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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