Throwing a Graduation Party for Your Kids


One of the proudest moments in a parent’s life is to see their son or daughter walk across the stage, accept the diploma and shake hands with the director. The scenario here is your child’s high school graduation. He or she reports that the end of childhood is near, and then goes to university, gets married, and has children.

There is no better way to tell your young graduate that you are proud of him or her than to throw a party. Since this is an important milestone in the graduate’s life, you need to think carefully about organizing the graduation party. In order for the party to go smoothly, you need to consider things such as the type of food you will serve and where you want to hold it.

In general, graduation parties are held at the home of the guest of honor. Since there are only friends and family, this is the most familiar environment where everyone will be most comfortable. It also allows you to make sure that the room is big enough to accommodate all these people in your home.

A good way to avoid space problems is to hold the party outside. Most children graduate in the spring, so you have a good chance of good weather. If rain is not compatible with your plans, rent a tent big enough to protect all your guests. There are two reasons to consider renting a tent regardless of the weather. First, it will provide your guests with some protection from the sun, and second, you’ll have it if it rains. If you try to rent a tent too close to the party, you will inevitably find yourself without protection from the weather if you need it.

Food is another consideration when organizing a high school graduation party. The best thing to do is to plan a simple menu. Sit-down meals are absolutely to be avoided. The “open house” aspect of the graduation party means that your guests will come and see you for the entire period you have designated, and won’t stay very long. This does not allow for a long 5-course meal.

Most people will only stay long enough to wish the graduate warm “congratulations”, eat a little something and then leave for the next graduate’s house for their party. Choose foods that are easy to eat, usually bite size, and not too full. Remember that they will probably try to eat something at the other parties they attend, so keep the food as light as possible for them. The simple menu will also help you stay within your budget.

You want to make this day as special as possible for your graduate. He or she will certainly be grateful that you have thought about and taken into consideration the organization of your graduation party. Share your ideas as early as possible when you are thinking about the food you want to serve. You also need to decide early on whether you want the party to be held indoors or outdoors so that you can rent a tent.

Aside from planning, the most important thing you can do on the day of the party is to have fun. Enjoy the time when you and your child have worked so hard for the past eighteen years.

The only difficult thing in choosing the right decorations for your party is to find a solution among the many available lots. In general, these days, it should be easy to find the supplies you need for your graduation party. Another good idea is to decorate the place of your party with the colors of the school whose guest of honor is a graduate. Also be sure to mention the graduation year in the decoration. If you want to take a more interesting approach, you can choose an interesting theme instead of “only” the colors. Imagine your graduate celebrating a luau party, a flash back event or even a masked ball. Why not celebrate all the commitment and hard work by organizing an event that goes back to the first year of school or something similar.

The only thing your graduate wants to accomplish is to let go. No more teaching or teachers, no more exams, no more reading or books for a long time. Introduce your graduate to a new phase of his or her life by throwing a party he or she will never forget.

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