3 Ideas to Make Paper Christmas Decorations

Paper Christmas Decorations


Idea 1: Make paper stars as Christmas decorations

Idea 2: Make a small paper Christmas tree

Idea 3: Make paper baubles as Christmas decorations


What if Christmas was also a time for family activities? When the weather is gloomy outside, you can have fun and keep the kids busy by making pretty decorations. Embossed stars, little trees or hanging baubles are all quick and easy paper creations that will delight kids and adults alike!

Here’s how to make paper Christmas decorations.

Idea 1: Make paper stars as Christmas decorations

This paper star is 3D. Your paper must be a little thick to have a minimum of rigidity:

150 to 160 g for large stars of 19 cm ;

120 to 135 g for small stars of 10 and 15 cm.

Draw the stars

Before proceeding to the actual realization, draw your stars beforehand. To do this, use a drawing program:

Set the page to landscape format.

Insert a 5-pointed star in the middle of the page from the “star” shapes.

Enlarge to the maximum to get the large stars 19 cm wide; distribute the smaller stars on the page to the desired size.

Draw a line from each point to the opposite inside corner so that you have 5 lines that intersect in the center of each star.

Then print your stars directly onto your chosen paper.

Cut out the stars

Paper Christmas Decorations

Once you have drawn the stars, you can let the children cut them out using round-tipped paper scissors. They should follow the outer edges of each star.

Tip: You can help your children by cutting stars yourself with a cutter and a cutting ruler on a cutting mat; they will be more even… and it will go faster.

Mark the lines

Since the paper is semi-rigid, you must mark (score) the folds with the tip of a folding knife or the end of a small metal hook.

Place the ruler along the line and pass the tip of the folding knife over the line, 2 or 3 times, pressing enough to mark the thickness of the paper.

Rake the 5 lines of all the stars in this way.

Fold your paper stars

To fold all the star points, start from the center and work outward.

Tip: Make sure the tip is folded neatly and does not go further than the center!

Next, join one branch to the next. With the creasing done, the intermediate fold will almost form itself:

superimpose the 2 fold lines of the 1st branch of the star with the 2nd, and make the fold ;

then superimpose the 2nd branch with the 3rd;

and so on to get the 5 intermediate folds.

Tip: If you want to hang a star, make a hole on each side of the fold of a branch, put a reinforcing eyelet over the hole to prevent the paper from tearing, then put a pretty cord and, why not, some beads.

Idea 2: Make a small paper Christmas tree

You can make a small Christmas tree from 5 discs cut out of slightly stiff paper.

Tip: use 150 g paper. You need a little stiffness so that the overlapping discs keep their shape.

Draw the discs

Start by drawing 5 circles using drawing software:

Decrease the diameter of the circles by 1 cm each time.

Place inside each circle 1 star with 8 branches of the same size as the circle.

On each point of the star, draw a dotted line towards its opposite, then on each hollow of the star, a line composed of 2 dots and 1 dash towards its opposite.

Remove the colour and the star to keep only the disc and the lines.

Print the 5 discs directly on the paper used to make the tree.

Cut and fold the discs

Then carefully cut all the discs with a pair of scissors.

Then score each line with the tip of the folding machine and a ruler before folding along each line.

Good to know: the dotted lines are mountain fold lines (convex), and those composed of 1 dash and 2 dots are folded lines (concave).

Assemble the tree

Now proceed to assemble the tree:

Punch a hole in the center of each disk with an awl or a large needle.

Stick the tip of a wooden chopstick (skewer) into a cork, empty wooden wire spool or other support to hold the tree in place.

Thread the paper discs onto the skewer, starting with the largest and working your way down, applying a glue dot with a glue gun at the hole to hold them in place.

Tip: To finish your tree nicely, you can place a small star, a bead or a piece of masking tape at the top to make a pennant…

Idea 3: Make paper balls as Christmas decorations

Very quick to make, these paper Christmas ornaments can be hung on the tree or mounted as garlands to hang around the house.

Using a compass, draw identical circles on 150 g paper. Count 6 discs per ball.

Tip: You can also use a drawing program and print the discs directly on the paper.

Cut all the discs with a pair of scissors.

Crease the center of each disk with the tip of a folding knife and a ruler.

Fold all the discs.

Apply glue to each disc half, avoiding the fold.

Glue the disc halves together 2 by 2, except for the last 2.

Cut a string 4 times the diameter of a ball and fold it in half.

Close the string, either with a double knot leaving a little string underneath for decoration, with a bead, or with an embellishment…

Place the cord in the center of the ball, at the folds, with the knot against the paper.

Close the ball by gluing the last 2 discs.

Tip: If you wish, thread decorations along the cord and hang your ball on the Christmas tree.

Materials needed to make paper Christmas decorations

Cork stoppers

Round-tipped scissors

Paper scissors



Paper + Pencil

Glue gun


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