A Guide to Throwing a Colorful Hippie Party (Part One)

Have you always love the hippie style and vibes? Why not throw a party in this theme? Not sure how to proceed? Not to worry! Today, we are going to give you some tips of throwing a fabulous hippie themed party! Enjoy!

About the Theme

The best thing about this party is the variety of celebrations it can cover, from themed birthday parties to costume parties to a simple gathering of friends. So go ahead, and if you’re not sure whether to go for a 60’s hippie theme or a 70’s hippie party, choose to let loose and have one of the craziest and most entertaining parties ever with your family and friends. A hippie themed party will turn any celebration into an ode to peace, flower power and good vibes, it’s time to let your hair down and get into the hippie vibes!


One thing that you must have for sure and that you can’t miss in this happy hippie party is a photobooth where all your guests will stop by. Knowing what to do at a hippie party is very easy, because the ideas for making a hippie photobooth are varied, for example, you can put a background with a lot of brightly colored flowers, or just the symbol of peace or a rainbow in large size. For this, you can be creative and make your own photobooth or call one of our professionals who will create one for you.

You can show off your hippie costume, as well as the most original hippie accessories: like funny round glasses and many other traditional photobooth accessories. Don’t forget to include a table full of accessories such as pins, colorful hippie glasses, flower crowns for hair, afro wigs and costume accessories that you like, so that everyone can wear their hippie costume!

Food Trucks

Organizing a hippie party has never been easier, especially when it comes to food. The most original way would be to hire the service of a couple of food trucks that will take care of serving the most delicious food to all your guests. In addition, you can consult these professionals to tell you how to decorate a hippie party with the food truck, with LED lights, flowers, centerpieces and decorations for the most original party.

Likewise, if you want your hippie style party to have sweets, you can set up candy tables or candy bars, with cupcakes, cookies and even the birthday cake if needed, all in buffet style to keep the sweet tooth satisfied. Combine any of these party ideas with a full candy bar and you’ll get flavors that remind you of a peaceful and loving atmosphere, bring back the nostalgia of old caravans and enjoy the hippie party theme!

Costume Rental Companies

One of the big questions that comes up for this wonderful party is how to dress up with this style and the answer is very simple because the hippie style fashion started in the 60’s and it seems that it never completely faded away.

Whether you are going to celebrate a hippie costume party or a birthday party, for this occasion you can take advantage of it and bring out the most hippie chic dresses you have, look for hippie style party dresses or just rent a hippie costume. You can also rent a child size hippie costume. Some professionals can provide you with the flashiest and most colorful costumes, as well as the most essential accessories like hippie glasses. Find the perfect hippie costume for men and women to imagine a unique and privileged moment for your bachelorette party or a unique day in the style of the 60s.

In any case, the important thing will be to adapt to the style of the hippie party and respect the code of etiquette, bring out the wildest outfit and enjoy the moment! These theme parties will always be remembered, so if you want to celebrate a hippie party, don’t hesitate anymore! Say yes to hippie costumes and hippie style. You will create an original party, or rather an original and fun party.

You now have more ideas for throwing a terrific hippie party. Do you want more ideas? Come back to check out the second part of our article.

Until then, what hippie style do you prefer? The 60s or 70s? Tell us why in the comments below!


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