Exciting Ideas for a Baby Shower

Although a Baby Shower is a party originating in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is increasingly a party enjoyed throughout the whole world. And in today’s article, we will bring you ideas on exciting centerpieces, arrangements and decoration that you can make for the Baby Shower. Enjoy!

Baby Shower with Balloons

Balloons are one of the most chosen elements for Baby Shower decoration. Balloons are not only used for centerpieces of a Baby Shower, but to make arrangements and decoration like with balloons letters in metallic colors.

Centerpieces with Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are widely used to decorate baby showers and especially to make centerpieces.

Centerpieces with Flowers

Flowers are widely used to make centerpieces.

Centerpieces for a Sporty Baby Shower

There’s also room for parents’ sporty tastes. Some ideas for sporty centerpieces. Different balls that correspond to different sports can be used, from American soccer, tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. Everyone will choose according to their favorite sport.

A Gender Neutral Baby Shower

If the gender of the baby is unknown or if neutral colors are desired for the baby shower, there are also a variety of pastel but neutral color options.

For baby boys, the most chosen colors for the baby shower are the different shades of blue. For girls, there are many options, but generally the color chosen is pink in all its shades.

A Baby Shower with Paper Pompons

The pompoms will give a very striking look to the environment, so you have to make them big so that they really have a presence. They can be made with tissue paper and of course in the color that everyone chooses for the decor.

A Vintage Baby Shower

For vintage lovers, you can use decorations of romantic style. This will translate perfectly into your vintage theme.

An Elegant Baby Shower

For example, the place where the photos will be taken or the backdrop can be very glamorous. Without a doubt, a space decorated in a very elegant way according to the atmosphere of the party.

A Tropical Style Baby Shower

The different themes with which to decorate a Baby Shower depend on the tastes of the mother or father. For this idea, we see a special theme, ideal for a summer or tropical Baby Shower.

Baby Shower in Gold

Gold is a very glamorous color and can be a good option to decorate a Baby Shower. It also goes well with white or any other neutral or pastel color.

The Minimalist Style Baby Shower

The minimalist style baby shower is also very trendy these days. Without a lot of decorations, a bare but glamorous table can also be a great option.

A Surfer Themed Baby Shower

For dads who love surfing, a good idea is to organize the Baby Shower party on this very surf theme.

A Marine Style Baby Shower

The marine style is very chosen to stage the Baby Shower. The possibilities are endless, but anchors, boats or lighthouses are not lacking!

Space Style Baby Shower

For space lovers, here is a possibility to decorate in space style, inevitably stars and planets.

A Soccer Themed Baby Shower

One of the most chosen themes is the soccer style. Arches, balls and cups added to the green of the grass are inevitable in this case!

A Tourist Style Baby Shower

For a baby born in a home where there is a lot of travel, this decoration can be easily done with maps and suitcases for example!

Farm Theme Baby Shower

The little animals, like the sweet sheep, are very popular with children.

There you go! With those numerous ideas, you cannot lack of inspiration when throwing a baby shower and plus you are sure that it will be a true success. What are your thoughts? Have you chosen a specific idea to implement or perhaps several? Share them in the comments below!

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