The Best Décor Tips for a Fabulous TikTok Party

If there is something that in our century that has made us even more addicted to cell phones, it is this application, TikTok, where you can make your own videos, montages, duets… This is one of the reasons why many people are already looking for ways to organize a TikTok party for their birthday or just to have a good time with friends.

Are you one of those people obsessed with TikTok too? Want to be the next influential Tiktoker? Is your birthday coming up but don’t know which theme to choose for your party? Why not doing a TikTok party? If you’re one of those enjoying TikTok you will be please to learn today how to decorate a TikTok birthday party with some tips that will help you succeed. Ready? Read on!

The Right Colors

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There are many ways to organize a party with this theme, but without a doubt, having TikTok decoration ideas with the main colors of this application is the best. You can combine light blue accessories with pink decorations for windier parties, like embossing your logo.

In addition, there are many balloons in the shape of musical notes that you can buy and use as part of your TikTok birthday decorations in that party you are throwing.

Simple Can Be Beautiful

We know that many people don’t have the time or money to throw a very complicated TikTok themed party, that’s why on our blog we always give easy ideas to prepare a very simple TikTok birthday party for adults and kids. For example, you can combine some black balloons with shades of pink and blue to make pretty bows on the table or in the entrance. This will give a very striking and pretty look that everyone will fall in love with. Don’t forget to buy or make a metal curtain to put in the background so you can record your most viral videos.

Décor for Home

For those who are going to celebrate their birthday at home and want a themed TikTok decoration for a closed space, know that the main thing is accessories such as musical pennants, themed garlands and some banners. All things and elements that can go as well on the walls as on the ceiling.

Outside Décor

Pin on Tik tok Party

If in your case the TikTok style party will be held in an open space like a garden or a park, the possibilities increase.

You can c reate large, colorful balloon arches and place a table with TikTok decorations in a central area, which will be the center of attention.

The Table

There is only one way to make your TikTok party unique and special: a fantastic table. You can use the tableware with the most famous musical note or make your own versions by combining colored plates, glasses, napkins… on a black tablecloth that makes them stand out.

The important thing will be to have a striking centerpiece that you can make with paper or cardboard.

Birthday Cake

The TikTok birthday cake is becoming more and more popular, since all the faithful followers of this application want one.

Making it at home is very simple:

  • With a sponge base you can add melted fondant on top of black.
  • Once it dries, add another layer in blue, giving it the shape of a note.
  • Do the same procedure with the pink color and finally the white.
  • Add some birthday candles or sparklers so that when recording or photographing the TikTok cake everyone talks about your birthday.

If something characterizes this theme, it is that it is ageless, from children to adults they have taken over their site and have brought us a thousand smiles. So now it’s your turn!

With the ideas to make a themed TikTok birthday decoration you can surprise everyone. As you can see, it is not necessary to spend more to have a perfect decoration. Put your best ideas in order and take note of the advice or tips above so that once you are enjoy the TikTok theme party you will throw.

What’s the best themed party you’ve planned so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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