Hosting a Sister Party! She’s Hardly Annoying Anymore

Hosting a Sister Party! She’s Hardly Annoying Anymore

As a Gen Z, I’ll be the first to admit that today’s sisters’ relationships are somewhat…lacking. That’s putting it mildly. It’s common to hear that sisters are not that close and friends come first. I don’t blame anyone – also a Gen Z thing – for being this way. However, not only am I not a victim of this everyone-gets-this-award culture, I actually love my sister like crazy and vice versa – oh and this despite our regular catfights.

The good news is that somewhere in the world, some, like me, share this same crazy-love-sister-thing. So when I thought about throwing a sister party, I wanted to share it with you. You see, you don’t have to wait for your sister’s birthday party or a “happy sister day” to celebrate the unique bond between you two.

It’s Not a Sibling Party!

Let me clarify this: A sibling party organized for little kids is different from my idea of a sister party.

When you are a five-year-old enjoying a life full of peanut butter cups and Peter Rabbit and you are suddenly told that you are going to have a new baby brother, it’s normal to feel left out. And, to make sure you don’t get jealous over the divided attention and all the oohs and aahs over the new baby, momma’s buttering comes in the form of a sweet little party with your favorite candies and cupcakes – all this to make sure you welcome the new kid of the family with love.

This is my definition of a sibling party, which of course, doesn’t align with my idea of a grown-up sister party.

Slow Down on the Invitations

Slow Down on the Invitations

Colleagues are invited for a retirement party and friends and families always come over for a birthday bash or a wedding anniversary party, but for a sister’s celebration, I would have preferred to host a non-family-and-friends-inclusive party. It’ll become less intimate and more of a typical event where you will have to look after your guests.

Sure, you’ll tell me only two or three people at a party is boring, but not when you have a crazy yet awesome sister relationship.

However, if you do insist on inviting people, I suggest this guest list:

  • Grandparents – they always make great guests
  • Godmother/Godfather
  • 4 of your favorite friends
  • 2 of your really close cousins

Bring In the Memories

Bring In the Memories

I always try to erase my past mistakes or forget embarrassing moments, but my sister always seems to bring them up – sometimes at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It’s not a sign of a toxic relationship, but rather how close you are that your sister doesn’t remember only the sweet memories, but also the worst ones.

Growing up with my sister was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. There were days of getting super excited over the latest Barbie movie and there were also days of fighting like Tom and Jerry.

All these sweet, bittersweet, utterly bitter memories should be incorporated in the party. For example,

  • Buy your sister’s favorite toy – yeah, the one you broke intentionally.
  • Create a banner with all the “great” words you use to tease each other –and try to exclude all the “b*t**s”, “f***s” and so on.
  • Include in all the foods you’ve always refused to share with her.
  • Display the gifts you’ve bought for each other and also the things you’ve refused to buy.
  • Use the pictures you’ve taken together as decorations. Avoid choosing the ones where she looks the worst – or, just go for it, she’ll understand the gesture!



Don’t make this a huge deal and choose things like a scavenger hunt or turning your home into a casino. Because close sisters can even enjoy the most basic and simple activities, as long as they are together.

For instance, how about binge-watching an old TV show? Or, dancing to your favorite songs until you can’t breathe?

We’ll probably write each other’s darkest secrets and use them to blackmail each other – just joking!

Now, at this point, I know you probably hate me for even suggesting this idea, but how close are you to suggesting it to your sis?











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