Fun and Exciting Ideas to Throw a Fantastic Troll Birthday Party


Trolls are the happiest creatures in the world: they live happily by partying, dancing, kissing and having fun. Children are usually fond of them and if your child is one of those fans, they would probably love a birthday party on the Trolls theme.

In a few simple steps, I’ll show you how to throw a perfect Troll birthday party, full of color, music and fun!

Modern Birthday Invitations

By now we have to be modern, the cell phone is used for everything. So why not also use it to forward birthday invitations via whatsapp? Doing it is very easy, just download a troll image on the internet, add a white (or any other plain color) rectangle on it and add the details of the party on it, include who’s birthday it is, the time, date and venue of the event. Easy isn’t it? So what are you waiting for, choose the invitation.

Welcome Session

When the kids arrive, be ready with a beautiful poster to color together and give to the birthday kid, it will be a nice souvenir of the party for him/her. Make cute, colorful and fun hats, perfect for dressing up as real Trolls and a nice welcoming gift to the party!


All the classic games with music are perfect for this type of party, here are our suggestions:

– Ice dancing: Put on the soundtrack of the movie and dance all together. As soon as the music stops, the kids have to stay still, as if they were frozen, the one who moves has to take a turn in the dance.

– Follow the dice: print out 6 drawings of Trolls and write an action to do on each one (e.g. dance, jump, twist, roll, run away, hug), then stick them, with tape, on a large sponge. Roll the dice and then start the music, the children will have to move to the rhythm of the music according to the action drawn by the dice.

– Escape from Bergen (the monsters who eat Trolls in the movie)! Put a handkerchief in each child’s pants, like a pigtail. Now look for a parent who is willing to do Bergen. Initially, the children will have to escape, while Bergen tries to steal their pigtails. The last child left with the pigtail attached wins a candy.

– Look for the Trolls: Print out or buy Troll-themed stickers and hide them around the house or party room before the kids arrive. At the start, all the kids will have to run around looking for them, with the winner being the one who finds the most stickers.

Creative Fun

If you want a moment to calm the kids down before cutting the cake, you can organize a colorful workshop: we suggest building a personalized Troll, which each child can take home as a souvenir of the party.

Print the two troll faces on white paper and the different hair types on colored paper. You can print each hair example on different colors, so that you have many options available. Now cut out a face for each child.

Ask them to color, with markers, the Trolls face, then choose the hair they want to match, cut it out and glue it on. Finally, help them to decorate the hair with ribbons, flowers, buttons and other colorful materials.

Another workshop you can offer is building a memory book, like the ones Poppy (one of the main Troll characters) loves to make.

Print many different Trolls and Bergen on sticky paper, then cut them out and have the children glue them onto white sheets. Finally, they can decorate the background with trees, flowers, castles and whatever else their imagination suggests.

Here you go! You now have super fun ideas to throw a fabulous Troll birthday party for your child. What other themes did you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments below.

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