Fabulous Ideas to Throw a Kid’s Frozen Party

Just when you thought your kids were over Frozen fever, Disney released the second part of the movie to find out why Elsa was born with magical powers. Just what the kids needed to go crazy again about the adventures of the princess, her sister Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven.

For the true fans of Frozen, we have prepared some ideas with which to celebrate a theme party inspired by the adventures lived in the distant kingdom of Arendelle. A series of proposals with which we will leave you frozen.

Frozen Invitations

Send an original invitation so that nobody forgets your Frozen party. A craft that you can prepare with the children who will love to participate in the realization of these crafts with ice cream sticks and blue buttons. Don’t forget to leave a space in the center of your snowflake to put all the information of your party.


The theme of the party doesn’t matter, because even for this Olaf party celebration, a few Frozen 2 balloons are a must. You can purchase Disney balloons of several complementary characters, as well as other varieties for your decoration.

Icicle Garland

Decorating your Frozen themed party can be very easy. We suggest you prepare garlands in the shape of icicles to hang on the walls. Make them with string, scissors, glue and silver paper. Cut the paper into diamond shapes with sharp peaks. Fold them in half, pass the string between each of them and glue the two sides.

If you want to complete the decoration, we encourage you to create pendants with snowflakes cut on paper and placed along a ribbon.

Olaf’s Table

Once we have talked about the decorative ornaments, we can focus on finishing the table decoration, a very important focal point. We recommend that most of the party supplies you use are related to the theme.

Frozen Pretzel

This is a snack that combines sweet and savory. To create your pretzel sticks covered in the magic of the Arendelle kingdom, simply melt white chocolate and tint it blue with food coloring. Dip the wands into the blue candy and they are ready to eat.

Sweet Bombs

Another easy alternative for your Frozen party is to make popcorn balls dipped in caramel. To do this, mix corn with white chocolate or melted marshmallows to make the balls. Put in some snowflake candies and white and blue chocolate buttons.

The Most Original Olaf

Complete your sweet table appetizers with bowls filled with treats that kids can use to create their own Olaf. To do this, they need marshmallows, a few pretzel sticks, small chocolate chips and sugared almonds with which they can make a nose. To make sure all the elements stick together, offer a little melted white chocolate to the guests. You’ll see what fun creations they get.

Pipe Cleaner Crowns

Turn your Frozen party guests into real ice queens with a few pipe cleaner crowns. First make the round base, then decorate it with pipe cleaner bows. The result will be even better if you choose white, gold and silver material with glitter.

Put Olaf’s Nose

Play a variation of the popular donkey tail game and make it the star entertainment of your Frozen party. The first step is to create a cardboard Olaf. Once you have the figure, blindfold the children and give them a piece of orange cardboard with a triangular shape to glue in place of the nose. Use double-sided tape to hold it in place.

You now have plenty of ideas to throw a successful party for your kids on the famous Frozen theme. Until then, what’s the favorite theme party you planned before and how did it go? Share your experience with us in the comments below.



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