Let’s Throw a Crocodile Themed Party

Growing up, we see drawings and movies, many of which feature scenes with crocodiles, so it’s no surprise that the most childish version also has a place in party decorations.

You know well that many people are afraid of reptiles, but for this reason, it is always a wonderful idea to celebrate your children’s birthday party, because with these ideas we will bring out the softer side of crocodiles. Also, if you are a reptile lover and especially crocodiles, throwing a crocodile themed party is fun, original and unique.

To decorate your theme party, you will need all the necessary party supplies. First of all, for the crocodile birthday party, you can’t miss the “Happy Birthday” confetti or the assorted color confetti, which you can combine with each other. Of course, don’t forget your children’s garlands, perfect to be placed in the entrance or near the table.

Remember, we’re leaving some ideas here in case you don’t know how to do your crocodile party, but if you’re looking for kids’ inspiration, you can ask your kids. If you don’t have time to think or you just like the ideas offered and want to get a result like ours, keep reading because we have a lot to offer.


To make your crocodile birthday table, the ideal place would be outdoors, in a green space and near a river, this way you will feel like you are in the natural habitat of the crocodile and thus impress your guests in the simplest and most creative way at the same time. But if this is not possible, we will give you some ideas on how to decorate your crocodile party at home to make it spectacular.

Let’s start by covering it with a green party tablecloth, it will be the key to make a base, since it is the most representative color of crocodiles. So that the legs of the table are not visible, place on top a plastic skirt of the same shade or a darker green, simulating scales.

Along the table, you can place the classic disposable plates for quicker cleanup. Pair them with crocodile-shaped children’s glasses designed for birthday parties.

You can also make your own decorated glasses, you can put glue or stickers of the reptile accompanied by colorful straws. The appetizers will also be accompanied by figurines related to the crocodile to give each sofa a unique and special touch.

With fruit you can make a beautiful centerpiece, you can create a large crocodile that, in addition to impressing the people who come to the party, will look unbeatable and will make you want to eat it without a doubt.

Another decorative element that will give a unique touch to your table is that each of the chairs of the table has a birthday banner with drawings or a crocodile tail, each one of a different color, since this is how each of the guests’ place is. It’s creative, it makes an impact and then you can use them to play with.


Birthday party balloons are a must for such occasions. We love the idea of using them, not only because of their colors, but also because they are fun, they add atmosphere to the party and they can even remind you of your childhood birthdays.

Children’s balloons can be combined in many different ways because of their shapes, sizes, colors, etc. For example, green colored balloons will be ideal to place in an archway in your entryway.

Other uses you can give to helium-filled balloons is that you can put them along the table, especially if they are in the shape of a crocodile because it will seem that it is stalking you.

For more elaborate creations, whether it’s because you have the time, you’re good at it, or for any other reason, making a crocodile with your balloon twisting skills will be magical.

All these different balloon placements can be combined with each other and with this great variety, you can get an amazing balloon decoration!

There you are! With those simple and basic tips, you should be good to go to decorate for your kid’s crocodile themed birthday party. What the best themed party you’ve ever thrown? Let us know in the comments below.

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