Top 6 Tips For Throwing An Office Party


The office is the second place you spend the most time outside of your home, and your colleagues, over the years, become the people you see the most and become almost like family. That’s why throwing an office party is essential to boosting theme morale and keeping everyone happy.

Organizing an office party can be hell on earth if you don’t know what you’re doing and are just watching; that’s why you need our help planning it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for throwing the perfect office party.

1. Communicate the plan for the evening 


Your first two words should be organization and communication. First, make sure that the date and time you choose don’t penalize anyone, especially if members of your team have to work at that time. Second, choose a location that is appropriate for the age groups that make up your work team. For example, younger employees may prefer to celebrate in a busy, crowded, noisy location. Also, plan the menu for the evening so that it is diverse and accommodates your staff’s food allergies or intolerances.

Next, communicate the details of the evening to your team and the details that are important to the success of your event: dress code, number of guests allowed per person, transportation service for the return trip or the option to sleep on-site, etc. And most importantly, don’t forget to remind everyone of your company’s policy regarding harassment in all its forms.

2. Put work aside

The purpose of your party is to celebrate with colleagues, not to work with a drink in hand. So, to keep your employees from feeling like they’re at work, plan to hold your event outside the office in a nice, neutral location. This gathering is also an opportunity to get to know each other on a human level rather than a professional one. So make sure you don’t just talk about work with your team members.

3. Encourage games that are fun for everyone!


To strengthen the bond between your employees, you will most likely want to offer some fun games or activities throughout the evening. While entertainment is indeed essential to the success of your party, make sure it is well supervised. You certainly don’t want a drunk or ill-intentioned person to take over your event with tasteless game ideas. So plan activities that put everyone at ease and truly promote fun and interaction.

4. Encourage healthy relationships between colleagues

These festivities also often host “extra-professional” relationships between colleagues or between superiors and subordinates, some of which could have an impact on your company’s work environment. In such situations, it is important to intervene with sensitivity but also with foresight and firmness regarding certain incidents that could turn out to be cases of harassment.

5. Promote moderation


As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Office parties also mean alcohol consumption, two elements that do not always mix well. Find ways to toast with your team while encouraging responsible drinking. Forget the “open bar” formula and instead distribute coupons for alcoholic beverages or agree in advance with the caterer on the number of bottles of wine offered per table.

Also, consider offering free non-alcoholic drinks and breathalyzer tests. Then, when the evening is in full swing, remind your team that a drive-through service is available to ensure their safe return home. In short, whether you look forward to it or shy away from it.

The office party is still an excellent opportunity to get together with colleagues in a more familiar and friendly setting. This party is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the year’s achievements by showing your employees your appreciation for the work they have accomplished while motivating them for the challenges to come!

6. Atmosphere, speeches and recognition

The location and the food are significant aspects of the impression your office party will leave on your employees. But the atmosphere is what will set the tone. Consider appointing a master of ceremonies or hiring a DJ or guest artists such as a songwriter or magician. Include (but not overuse) a few activities or games that will encourage interaction between people. This helps the different services to interact and get to know each other better.

Years of service, retirement, awards and so on… The office party is also the perfect opportunity to highlight the efforts and achievements of the company and its members. A word of advice: prepare a dynamic speech, and above all, avoid lengthy speeches so as not to break the rhythm of the evening.

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