Tips to Infuse Your Home with the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming and with it, the typical home decorations for this season. However, there are ideas that go beyond the classic tree and shades of red, green and gold to infuse your spaces with the holiday spirit. From unconventional trees to white flowers and star-shaped lamps, these elements will help you recreate the holiday spirit, add warmth to spaces and elevate your home’s usual decor, even after Christmas. And today that’s exactly what we are going to share with you. Here are some wonderful tips to help you decorate your home in the Christmas spirit.

Alternative Tree

There are thousands of ideas for creating alternative Christmas trees. One of the tips to decorate your home with the Christmas spirit without falling into the traditional, is to look for a more alternative tree. Natural trees are a good option for a change, in addition to having an incredible aroma that will infuse your home with the essence of Christmas.

Another option is to create trees from less conventional materials, such as cardboard, shelves, ladders or books, in addition to decorating them with elements other than spheres and garlands. You can also choose to place a vinyl with a tree figure on the wall, to save time and space.

Decorating in Monochrome Style

Another tip to decorate your home with the Christmas spirit with a different touch is to change the classic color palette of red, green and gold tones for a more minimalist one.

White tones are perfect for recreating the Christmas spirit, although you can also incorporate citrus colors, such as orange and tile. Plus, pastel shades help create warmer environments for the cold season. You can use them in candles, floral arrangements and other Christmas decorations.

Rustic Details

The Christmas spirit is usually cozy, so adding rustic details to your home is one of the tricks to achieve this. You can do this by placing details with natural textures and fabrics.

The accessories you must have to make your home more sophisticated. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, jute and wicker can be incorporated into the decor, such as placing ornaments, baskets, baskets and even the classic gift bunches hanging from the fireplace.

White Flowers

Just like the light color palette, white flowers are one of the keys to decorating your home for Christmas. They go well with eucalyptus, pine leaves, pineapple branches and white berries, or if you prefer a more modern touch, with silver or gold colored ornaments.

You can decorate the shelves, door frames, stairs or fireplace with a combination of white flowers and garlands, to give a minimalist winter touch.


Another essential element to decorate your home with the Christmas spirit are candles, which help create relaxed, intimate and warm atmospheres, ideal for the winter season.

You can place candles of different sizes strategically, alone or in groups, either inside lanterns, in centerpieces, in candelabras, floating in water or in special corners, to give a touch of warmth to your

Glass Containers

You probably have glass containers or vases in your home that you don’t use often, but can be used to decorate your home in the Christmas spirit.

One option is to fill these containers with Christmas spheres of different colors and sizes, although there are other alternatives such as placing some branches and white flowers or even fruits, like oranges.

You can also use these vases to fill them with Christmas candies and cookies and place them on the table, to offer to your guests at meetings or dinners typical of this season.

Christmas Wreaths as Centerpieces

Christmas wreaths don’t have to be hung on doors. Another option to decorate your home with the Christmas spirit is to place them as centerpieces with candles inside, surrounded by vases with candy or mixed with garlands.

With these ideas, you should be more than ready to infuse your home with the Christmas spirit this year. Do you have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below.


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