Tips to Organise A Small And Intimate Wedding Party

While some couples opt to celebrate their special day with the largest reception possible, many are now going for an intimate ceremony, especially with the pandemic. We fully understand this. What matters most is to be able to be with the most important people in your life and enjoy their company in a laid-back atmosphere for this unique occasion. After all, it’s certainly not a day for awkward conversations with that second cousin you barely remember. We are sharing some tips to help make your small, intimate wedding a big, unforgettable day!

1) Keep It Personal

As long as you only invite people close to you, you’ll have an idea about their preferences. Impress your invitees with personalized details at your wedding and make everyone feel welcome. Just a vase of your mom’s favorite flowers on the table, that special fudge you always share with your best friend, and your mother-in-law’s favorite song, simple things as such, can be so meaningful. Your guests will truly cherish the fact that you thought of everyone.

2) Marriage Officiant

You may have been invited to many weddings. Did you ever notice how the wedding officiant influences the ambiance of the day? The wedding ceremony is a solemn moment, and a good officiant will undoubtedly set the mood and make it exceptional. Find a wedding officiant who would be deeply immersed in talking about your relationship and the relevant people in your life and who can speak about them with ease and comfort.

3) Several Days

Would you like to have a fantastic party? Then have your nearest and dearest celebrate with you over the weekend. That way, you can enjoy peace, make time for everyone and turn your wedding into an even lovelier event. Fancy an excellent champagne tasting, a walk in nature, karaoke, or even table games? A variety of special activities are available to cater to different groups during weddings.

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4) Special Luxury

No matter your budget, if you invite a smaller audience to your wedding, you can afford to spend more money per guest than you would for a grand celebration. This means more great snacks and drinks, prettier decor, and perhaps a fancier thank-you gift to offer those attending. Oh, and maybe that designer dress and tailored beautiful suit will finally be within your price range now. What could be better?

5) Food

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, meals can get big when serving smaller groups of people. Exquisite appetizers, a fine dining table laden with delicious treats, and a fancy wedding banquet can all be available to make the day special. Go for nicely set tables in a beautifully adorned hall or outdoor setting. Treat your guests to a delightful 6-course meal and paired wines or dinner. Of course, plan the seating arrangement and check the food restrictions to serve everyone as they wish.

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6) The Venue

For your wedding to turn out exactly as you imagined, you should know the location well. For small, private weddings, the group remains in one place for the ceremony, dinner, and party. Of course, the venue shouldn’t be too large for the audience and make sure that no other wedding parties are taking place in the surroundings. Besides, the venue should suit you and the event in terms of style and layout. Don’t forget to choose a venue where the staff focuses on pampering and entertaining your guests as well!

With these few tips, your event will run smoothly and lack nothing! Do you have any additional tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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