Ideas to Host a Fun and Fabulous Safari Themed Party for Your Kids

Most children love animals, especially beautiful and dangerous ones, to experience in the zoo. Many kids and adults dream of safaris – sitting in a jeep and watching elephants, zebras, and lions in hot Africa.

Why not taking a little of this dream, and make it a reality? How? Just by transforming your home with a safari theme party. Organizing a themed birthday party for your little one can be amazing and with a safari theme, it can be even more exciting for all the kids.

Not sure how to proceed? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we bring you helpful tips that can inspire you when planning your child’s next birthday party on a safari theme.

The Invitations Safari Passport Birthday Invitations - Set of 25: Handmade
First impressions always count! So make sure you give your guests a memorable and special first impression of your party. How? With your invitations. Try to make your own; you can find plenty of examples online if you’re lacking inspirations. An easy design would be to cut out African animals in cardboard and glue them on your card, where you will write all the details of the party, like the date and time, venue, dress code, etc.

The Table Setting

Throw the super cool safari tablecloth on the table, along with cardboard plates, mugs, and napkins. You will find lots of options available on the market with sharp colors and animal prints. You can choose the color cutlery that you think best suits the theme. Most colors fit well as a safari theme is usually very colorful.

The Decoration

The decoration is also very important to set the tone of your party. The daily setting needs to be transformed into a safari universe. Start by hanging up flag banners that are in the same style as the service. Then fill the space with floating Helium balloons – both in mixed colors , but also foil balloons, which fit the rest of the theme.

Put the finishing touches on it by inflating giant plastic elephants, monkeys, zebras, lions, and giraffes. Hang the monkeys up in various places and place the other animals around the room – maybe even at the front door, so the atmosphere already starts there!

When serving the birthday cake, put in cake candles that support the safari theme.

The Birthday Game
To keep the common thread throughout the safari birthday, the game should also reflect the theme. For example, line up 5 plastic animals in different places in the area where the kids have to find them. For each animal, they must do or solve a task. In the case of a really solved task, a clue is released to where a hidden treasure is buried. The prize is, of course, delicious candy bags in safari party bags.

Gift Bags
Finally, you just have to find a detail for the guests, which can be from a photo to a chocolate and wrap the detail.

The ingredients that we suggest to wrap the gifts with love are:
Kraft colored bags
Cardboard with different shades of green
Some jungle animal stickers
Attach the stickers to the bag, cut out the cardboard in the shape of a leaf and close the bag with the leaf wrapped with the natural string and give the gift at the beginning or at the end of the party.

Do You Have A Tight Budget?
You can easily create a good safari theme without all the equipment. You can, for example, buy the napkins and mugs and thus use your own plates, cutlery and tablecloth. You can even cut out animals in different sizes and colors and decorate the room with them. Put a string in the cut brown monkeys and hang them over the table. Tape clipped lions, zebras, and elephants to the walls, doors, and floor. Yes, there’s no limit here so let your imagination fly! Remember the hat, the binoculars and the sunscreen!

We can’t wait to read about your child’s safari themed party and how it turned out! Remember to share this with us in the comments below!

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