Savvy Tips to Throw An Awesome ’90s Party

How sick is it not that the 90s ended 20 years ago? Do you remember the t-shirt under the dress, the oval glasses, and the flat caps? Yes, then you were really cool! And the Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the clearly unforgettable grunge music? Whether the ’90s was when you took your first steps, had your first kiss, or got your first promotion, even if you were not even born in the ’90s, we can probably all agree that it was an exceptional time when today’s trends were born. Why not remember the 90s by traveling back in time, back to the years before the turn of the millennium, through a party? Here we have gathered our best tips for how you can plan and carry out a 90’s party.


Choose a Color Theme from the 90s

It will be hard to forget the colors and patterns of the ’90s. It was almost always a mix of strong neon colors in pink, blue, yellow, and green with all sorts of pattern shapes and designs. A quick Google search will give you lots of great inspiration on a 90s color theme for your party.

Tip: You can use a 90’s pattern to set up a photo background to take pictures in front of to remember the event. You can also put out some props that make the pictures fun, like this fun photo prop package with fun props like Gameboys and VHS tapes that reminds us of the ’90s, or these belly bags in neon that are taken directly from 1996? Take a photo booth to a whole new level with a ring light!


Create 90s Invitations

A real event needs real invitations. And by making them 90s-inspired, you set the tone for the party’s theme even before the guests arrive. When it comes to invitations, you can keep the same color theme you should have at the party, with geometric patterns, neon colors, icons, and frills. Try to make guests feel like they are being invited on a journey back in time. Think back to the early days of the Internet when everything about computers was new. Digital writing was revolutionary, and everyone experimented with fonts. It probably looked a little crazy, but it was part of the development, we say! Draw inspiration from this and popular 90s TV series, such as Friends, Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld, and The Simpsons, when choosing fonts for your invitations.



Probably the most important point of the party. What is a party without suitable decor? Also, focus here on 90s patterns in shape and geometric shapes, neon, and symbols. You can also draw inspiration from the iconic films of the 90s, such as Clueless, Men in Black, Home Alone, The Lion King, or Toy Story. The list is very long, so take the movies that have inspired you or that you remember best! Does it feel challenging to find a specific decoration that suits your theme? No problem. You can focus on neon colors. Find cups, glasses, plates, napkins, tablecloths, and more in blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange neon colors, and you have set a perfect tone for the party. For decoration along the walls, you can hang multicolored light strings, and of course, you should have a disco ball. Oh, and you must not forget the colorful balloons!


Dress in the Spirit of the 90s

Of course, you and all your guests must dress to suit the theme. Some tips are to dress up as a famous movie, or TV character from the ’90s like Cher from Clueless, Super Mario (did everyone play that?), A Power Ranger, or Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If you don’t feel like investing in an entire masquerade costume, you can always put on a real 90s outfit. Since the 90s style has received a come-back, it will probably not be complicated to find. Wear a black bodycon dress with narrow shoulder straps and a tight white t-shirt underneath, Versace-inspired patterns, silk lingerie with lace details such as clothes, loose jeans, polo shirts, basketball shorts, and caps that sit at the back and front.


Music and Games

Music and games put the finishing touches on a good party, and with music, you have the chance to jazz up your party and make it more personal. If you grew up or were an adult in the ’90s, you probably have a lot of music that you remember, which evokes beautiful memories. Make a 90’s playlist with all your favorite songs, or go for a karaoke party! You can also have a small music corner with a tape recorder that you had in the 90s and cassettes – what nostalgia! For a livelier party that engages everyone, you can play games like Spin the Bottle, or why not run a little 90s quiz to see how well you remember the old days?


Food Menu

All parties need snacks or food! Don’t worry; you don’t have to do anything complicated. After all, the 90s were the time for micro-heated food and store-bought snacks. Run-on some pizza, taco pie, or fondue! For snacks, go for some chips, popcorn, and candy.



Take a trip to the 90s with a nostalgic party! It does not have to be complicated! Simply focus on neon colors and crazy patterns, and the clothes and musicians fall in naturally. Dig through your memory to find out what makes the 90’s so unique to you. Engage your guests even before they are in place by creating well-thought-out invitations.


Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! It will be super good!


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