Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Your Mum (Part Two)

This article is the second part of Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Your Mum (Part One). Below, we list more fabulous ideas to celebrate your mum in personalized ways.

Flower Chandelier
As with seen in our first article, flowers can be used to make outstanding gifts and decorations for your mum and the flower chandelier is another of these ideas. You can use roses, carnations or other fresh flower species to create a unique Mother’s Day chandelier. You can learn how to make one of those here.

Terrarium with Succulents and Flowers
If the goal is to create a more modern and charming decoration but that still recalls nature as our previous idea, we recommend you use terrariums with succulents and flowers. These ornaments will decorate wonderfully the lunch table or any other corner of the house.

Pots of Succulents

Tin can succulent planters | Tin can decorations, Painted tin cans,  Recycled tin cans
Another great tips with succulents is to offer them to your mum in personalized pots. Simply transform aluminum cans into beautiful colorful vases with succulents. This decoration will give any corner of the house a loving touch.

Helium Gas Balloon with Hanging Hearts
Have you ever thought of combining helium gas balloons with garlands of paper hears? Well, know that this is possible. This ornament can turn the dining room your any other room into a true fairy tale.

Cake and Macarons
Does your mom love sweets? Then prepare a table with a delicious cake and colourful macarons. On this special day, we would personally bet on a delicate color palette for this sweet table.

Photos Hanging
If you are throwing a small party for your mother, this idea would be ideal! Create a composition with your mum’s best photos hanging as the background of the main table for her to remember the best moments and happiest moments of her life.

Clothesline of Hearts

Clothesline Hearts Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and Twitter
We are pretty sure that you would not have thought of this but just imagine how gorgeous a simple clothesline with little hearts will look! You can use colourful papers and event textured/printed ones to make each heart and then either glue or pin it to the line.

Clothesline with Envelopes and Roses
If you don’t like the idea of hearts, you can find alternatives to place on the clothesline. A touching idea will be to hang roses and envelopes, with each one holding a special message for mom.

Sentimental Objects
Are your organizing a small party for your mum but don’t have enough money to invest in decorations? This idea will allow you to create an original décor without breaking the bank.

Simply put together some of your mum’s beautiful sentimental items that are already in your home. For instance, you can create a backdrop with the old teapot that once belonged to your great grandma or with some of your mother’s favorite books. This will allow you to take pictures during the party that your mum will forever cherish.

Decorative Notes on the Window
Do you want to surprise your mum in a fun and creative way as soon as she wakes up? Take advantage of a window to make a cheerful and bright decoration on Mother’s Day. There you can place hearts, flowers, origami but also small notes with lovely quotes on mothers.

Bouquet of Butterflies

bouquet of butterflies - Morena's Corner
Do you feel like breaking free from the regular bouquet of flowers? Why not offering your mum a bouquet of lovely handmade butterflies? With pieces of cardboard, you can make small of those lovely insects and put all of them together in a gorgeous butterfly (flower) arrangement. Almost impossible that your mother will not like this!

Coaster with Photos
Do you want to give her something functional but still thoughtful? You can easily choose some of your best family pictures and get them laminated. Those could be used as coasters on the breakfast table for Mother’s day.

Do you have some more decoration or gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below!

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