7 Decorative Elements for a Tropical Party

Events with a tropical theme have been trending lately. They can be seen at children’s themed parties, full of colors, sophisticated weddings with large leaves and golden hues, and many other celebrations. These tropical or Hawaiian parties adapt to all tastes. Here are some ideas that may help you decorate your tropical event!

1) A Vibrant Photo booth

Parties are not the same without a fun photo booth in which you can take pictures. In a tropical themed party, they can’t be missing either! The inspiration is simple and clear: big deep green, pink, and red flowers or anything else that reminds you of a tropical paradise! A tropical photo booth will also ensure that your party is not boring and everyone has a beautiful memory in the form of a photo. Fun guaranteed!

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2) A Balloon Arch

Another popular decorative idea for a tropical party is the balloon arches. A perfect way to decorate every corner of the party: the entrance, the dining table, a bare wall, wherever you place it, it will be the center of attention. Besides, it’s very easy to create. Fill it with tropical colors and decorate with leaves and flowers to take your guests to an island paradise. A definite hit for your tropical party!

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3) Large Flowers

Another essential element not to be missed at a tropical feast is the large flowers that remind us of the exuberant tropical nature. Full of color, they can be used to decorate walls, tables, or any corner of the party. You can also create them yourself.

4) Informal Tables

The table is usually set up with food and drinks at informal parties. For a tropical/ Hawaiian themed party, you may enhance the table setting with typical elements that remind you of the tropics, such as pineapples, exotic birds, large leaves, flowers, cactus, etc. A candy table can also be a great idea because of its fun shapes and colors.

5) Sheets for the Table

Another idea we like and which is very refreshing and simple is the use of large sheets to decorate tables. They can be natural or artificial, or you can make them yourself with paper or cardboard and get a beautiful table. If you have space, you can also add tropical fruits like pineapples or coconuts to give the table a more tropical feel. Use your imagination and create the perfect tropical party!

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6) Natural Table Background

The table backgrounds or the so-called backdrops are an essential element of the whole table. It is not necessary to add something very sophisticated. Still, it is perfectly logical that when you decorate the table, its background is accompanied by an element of the same theme, don’t you think?

You can put together a table background with large natural green leaves (or artificial), with artificial grass, large gold or silver or a tropical wallpaper, some fabrics with leaves and flowers. If the party is held outside, you just have to make sure to put everything next to natural green space and add a hint of color. Do not forget that a tropical party emphasizes fun and color!

7) A Tropical Cake

The cake is usually an essential item on the table and customary at events and parties. You can’t miss it! Like the rest of the decoration, it should match the other colors and motifs used. The simplest would be to decorate it with leaves and flowers or trust a professional to help you with their baking skills and prepare a tropical cake!

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Let us know how you find these ideas in the comments below!


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