7 Unforgettable and Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

Bridal showers are ideal for the bride’s time to relax, have fun, enjoy, and forget all the wedding’s stress. Regardless of the chosen plan, it’s always fun to include a beauty contest or a party at a disco, games, and entertaining activities. At bachelorette parties, games are the perfect options to break the ice. Some games are ideal in the open air, while others are excellent after dinner or before a party in the best of discos. In this article, we have made a compilation of the funniest games for bachelorette parties. Let’s check them out!


#1. Quiz for the bride

If there is a game that you cannot miss at bachelorette parties, this is it. A week or two before parting, ask the groom to make a list of 20 revealing questions about himself and the relationship, with their respective answers. There are no rules for problems; they can be sweet, romantic, or quirky. “When was the first time you told me, I love you?” or “What are my favorite boxers?” are just a couple of examples. At the bachelorette party (it can be during the beauty party or even in the moonlight at a campsite), ask the bride to guess each question’s answer. But the fun part comes every time the bride fails: for each question answered wrongly, she will have to do penance.


#2. Forbidden words

This dynamic is perfect for nightclub bachelorette parties. To carry it out, you will need neon bracelets, and each one must wear an amount on the wrist, for example, three (the number of bracelets is up to you).

Before leaving the party, give each of the guests a list of forbidden words, such as bride, wedding, dress, or handsome. If a guest hears another say a forbidden word during the night, she will remove a bracelet, and you can put it on. At the end of the night, the girl with the most bracelets wins a prize, plus a colorful collection of neon bracelets!


#3. The newspaper dress

This game is a classic in bachelorette parties since it is ideal for all the guests to interact and be very funny. To do this, you just have to divide the guests into several teams and give them a pack with newspaper, scissors, adhesive tape, glitter, buttons, and anything that can “decorate” the dress. The idea is to assign each team a part of the bride’s dress that they will have to make (for example, the veil, the skirt, the sleeves, etc.) and let the imagination run wild. In the end, the bride must put on the dress and make a parade with it. Now it will be time for the photos!


#4. The Trunk of Memories

This one is the perfect game for sentimental brides. When delivering the invitations, include a blank sheet for each of the attendees to write their favorite memory with the girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner. On the day of the bachelorette party, tell the guests to keep the sheet in a box. At some point during the party, she will have to read each of the memories aloud and guess who wrote them. Each card reflects the guests’ personal bond with the bride and the couple through the memories and the best moments. After several stories, the bride is sure to shed a few tears; Also, you can take all the beautiful moments with you and remember them forever.


#5. Two truths and a lie

This game is an excellent icebreaker when most of the guests don’t know each other. To do this, each one must say out loud three experiences they have had with their girlfriend or partner. Of those three, two are true, and one is a lie. The idea is to guess which stories are real and which are lies. In the end, you will realize that the most unusual stories have been real!


#6. Who am I?

This is one of the most fun bachelorette party games ever invented! To carry it out, you have to stick a card on the back of each guest with a movie character, a singer, model, or celebrity, and to guess it; you must ask the group questions with only affirmative or negative answers. “Am I a woman?” “Am I a singer?” “Am I Brad Pitt’s ex?” The more complicated the character, the more exciting the game. You can even include the same girlfriend as a character (laughs are guaranteed)!


#7. Sack race

This game is a classic in outdoor bachelorette parties. If you have decided to celebrate the end of your friend’s single status in a rural house, a campsite, or anywhere outdoors, take with you several bags of potatoes or oranges. Give each guest a sack, fire the starting gun, and the first to cross the finish line is the winner.


We’re pretty sure you are already laughing by just reading all the games you can do on the day of your best friend’s bachelorette party. Remember that the idea is to enjoy, have fun and relax before the big day, so if you choose a farewell on the beach, in the mountains or the city, do not forget to include a few games to break the ice.


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