Hawaiian Party: Ideas to Organize the Ultimate Hawaiian Themed Party

Do you have to organize a bachelor party or do you just want to have a summer party? Summer is the best time of year to organize events abroad, so if you have suitable facilities for it, we encourage you to bring your guests to a Hawaiian party. And no, it is obviously not about paying everyone a trip to Hawaii, but about moving your home to the exotic island. The best thing would be if you could get there in a boat as cool as this one that we have found in the middle of the ocean:

Returning to reality and since the boat’s option is not feasible, let’s move on to plan B. Start the summer with something refreshing. How? Here we tell you how to organize a party with tips, recommendations and ideas for your Hawaiian party that will come in handy if you lack inspiration. There are six essential sections that you should not overlook when organizing a Hawaiian party: the guest list, food, drink, music, clothing and decoration. If you have all this under control, there can be no other word than SUCCESS. Let’s get to it!


#1. Guest List

Using a “Hawaiian invitation” style format, you can send invitations to all of your guests, indicating who is hosting the party, the date, the place, or even giving them the ability to bring more guests. It’s up to you to decide the number of people ( and the level of madness that can be achieved)! But remember the more people, the more to clean up after the party!

#2. Hawaiian Music

Let’s start with the most serious aspect, the music! Of course, you should prepare a good compilation of Hawaiian or typical music from this area to liven up the banquet and make people sit down in a real “luau”!

#3. Hawaiian Food

In every party, there must be a banquet that perfectly deals with the chosen theme. In this case, we must select typical Hawaiian food. The most common is to grill food in the open air, mainly skewers prepared with pork or salmon. In Hawaii, they use special ovens dug out of the ground, but you don’t want to destroy your garden or burn your house, right?

And of course, you should never miss the fruit. You are sure to be an expert in preparing fruit centres based on pineapple, coconut and other tropical fruits. To present the dishes, you can read a little more in the point that deals with Hawaiian decoration, but it should mainly be a long central table, which arranges everything as a buffet.


#4. Hawaiian Drinks

One of the points that will make your guests see the party differently is with the so classic cocktails. If you make a hearty dinner, you can accompany it with a fruity wine that combines well, because if you put cocktails in your vein from the beginning, your stomach may not support it too well. If dinner is light, you can start directly with cocktails. You can make drinks with sorbets, piña colada and the classic Hawaiian cocktails Mai Tai and Blue Hawaiian, made up mainly of rum and tropical fruits.  

#5. Hawaiian Outfits

One of the essential points which will make your guests blend perfectly into the party is the clothing. Welcome your guests with the typical Hawaiian necklaces, known as leis, a typically Hawaiian token of appreciation. At least one per person, although there is always the funny guy who wears four or five. For him, the ideal is a Hawaiian costume that consists of at least a very colourful shirt, shorts, and a cool hat. And for her, a typical Hawaiian outfit may include a bright Hawaiian dress or skirt and some Hawaiian hair ornament. You can also take advantage of a bikini with shells, coconuts or something similar, as in this costume with the flower bra to match the skirt.

#6. Hawaiian Decoration

Finally, the touch that will give all the glamour to your party will be the decoration. To do this, you must find that your house breathes Hawaiian decoration on all four sides. For the house’s general decoration, the typical coloured lamps or torches (real, or simulation) are essential. And fundamental is to fill the house with floral motifs and palm trees. You can also put some tropical animals around the house, like some parrot ornaments.

For the food… Use very colourful tablecloths and plates with a summery style. But please, do not put plastic and coloured glasses… the glasses are served in good glass balls. If you make skewers, you can place a paper flower on end, even if it is not edible. Also take advantage of fruits that you have bought such as pineapples and coconuts, which serve as decoration in themselves. Use paper umbrellas, which give a very vivid and festive touch for the drink.

Last Tips

We like to recommend some games for the Hawaiian party or any other party you have, plus a karaoke list for fun singing. In this case, the chosen game must be limbo. It merely consists of sliding under a bar without touching it, to the rhythm of the music of Chubby Checker… We assure you that with a few more drinks it can be entertaining. You can also delight the public with some hula-hops. And finally, our themed karaoke list, for our Hawaiian party.

  • Elvis Presley Karaoke Blue Hawaii

  • Karaoke Hawaiian Wedding Song by Elvis Presley

  • Karaoke Hawaii Bombay by Mecano

Now you just have to enjoy a Hawaiian party. Hula Hula! Have Fun!

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