9 Tips to Add Candles to Your Wedding Décor

Although the Coronavirus is still striking, let’s not forget to live to the fullest and remember the precious moments of life! In “normal circumstances” (life without Covid-19 ), December is usually the festivities season: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and weddings…

And perhaps in an unconventional way and by favoring more intimate receptions, many are still getting married. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your small wedding shouldn’t be as exceptional and unique as it can be. One way to ensure that your marriage is memorable is to choose the best décor by giving it a romantic and flattering glow. How? With candles! Candles and romance usually pair beautifully well, then why not?

In this article, we look at candles and how they can be part of your wedding decoration and enhance your ceremony or reception space. So keep reading to get inspired and make your big day even more special.

1. Candelabras
This one is not uncommon, especially for a formal reception. Opting for tall gold candelabras in the middle of your tables will totally make the look you dream of and bring a simple décor to the next level.

2. Simple and White
If you are the minimalist couple type, some simple white candles will definitely do the trick. Plus if there is a moody and rather dark area in your reception place, some of these candles will totally lighten up that area.

3. Taper Candles and Candlesticks

If you already planned for a luxurious greenery
bouquet on your tables but don’t know how to add some touch of glamour to it, candlesticks and taper candles will definitely be your go-to items. And these will add more romance to the room as it will recall the famous romantic candlelight dinner.

4. Light Up the Entrance
Nothing would be more perfect than illuminating your reception or ceremony entrance with some gorgeous candles. Especially if your venue is a pitch dark place, like under a tent a night, it will be a smart idea to light up the outside space with an abundance of candles in glass vases.

5. A Fabulous Filling Option
Often during events, there are open spaces where we don’t know what kind of décor to add there, so the area does not look unfinished. A lovely way of filling the space is to place a multitude of various heights candles on the floor.

6. Create a Focal Area
Sometimes, we need a focal point in a venue for either placing the seating arrangement board or the welcoming sign for your guests. With candles in modern, sleek cylinder jars, decorating that area will add an ethereal and romantic touch to your wedding place.

7. Lanterns to Lead the Way
Lanterns can be added on each side of the path to the entrance of your venue. We promise that while lighting the way, these decoration items will also add a special touch to your big day.

8. Candles on Your Dessert Table

If you wish to achieve a clean and simple décor, including the one on your dessert table, candles will be your die-for decorations items. All around the wedding cake, small votives will be oh-so-beautiful and minimal.

9. Lighten Up Your Pictures
Looking for an original backdrop or rather a unique setting for your wedding pictures? Why not posing among the candles! Striking a romantic pose with your partner surrounded by a profusion of candles will definitely create a picture that you will cherish forever.

With these 9 candle decorating tips, you are now good to go to enhance your wedding ceremony or reception the way it deserves. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below to let us know how it turned out!

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