An Online Event? the Benefits at a Glance!

There’s nothing better than a face-to-face event, but in times of crisis, sometimes you have to be resourceful. Can you make your event take place online? The concept is simple: you host the same event, but instead of your guests coming to it, you bring your event to them. We list the most important benefits for you.

1)  You Can Reach a Broad Audience

In a real-life event, your guests should find the time to attend the event. There will always be guests who can’t make it, because of travel problems, they find it “too far away.” In an online event, guests who are hesitant or unable to attend can easily be present at your online event.

2)  You Can Advertise More Through Social Networks

Social networks seem to be one of the most effective tools to promote your events. In most cases, your audience is already familiar with your online communication network. By having your event online, your guests are more receptive to your future content. Your live stream can also serve as a form of marketing. Everyone can follow your event, and “newbies” can watch it unfold in the hope that they will be present at the next edition.

3)  A Virtual Event Is as Sustainable as Possible

By organizing your event online, people don’t have to travel by car or plane. In this way, you and your guests contribute to the environment and help reduce CO2 gas emissions.

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4) Lower Costs

A virtual event is certainly not the best format for every organizer’s purpose, but if it is possible, it is worth considering. Do not save on your structure and audiovisual facilities, as they will guarantee the best experience for your guests during your online event.

5) More Exclusive Programs

The most desired speaker is not always the most attainable. Busy schedules or distance can cause problems. During an online event, these barriers are eliminated because speakers can call in from home. This allows you to add unique and impactful speakers to the program.

6) Acquire More Data

Today, data is a valuable medium of exchange for your business, and a virtual event puts it in your hands.

Moreover, you can easily justify requesting your contacts’ data, such as their email or phone, and also obtain another type of intelligence that is difficult to bring in a face-to-face event. That is, the exact number of attendees on the day of the event, the times when those people left the session (if any), and more, which helps you improve your content and know which way to go in the future.

7) Brand Image

This cost reduction places participating companies on a more homogeneous level, making it easier for smaller companies with fewer resources to join with a highly professional brand presence and image without the need for significant investments.

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8) Virtual Events Are Permanent

Another point in favor of virtual conferences is that they do not require the immediacy and timing of attending the physical event since the broadcast of these types of events are recorded to be viewed later. This allows someone who has not been able to see it live to see it whenever they want, even if they are not paying for that recording to see it live, but to see it at another time.

9) A Safe Option

And let’s face it: as long as the Corona bug continues to ravage physical events, an online event is the only option. Discuss your communication objectives with your partner as early as possible. In partnership, we guarantee you’ll create a warm experience for your guests online!

In times where the event sector has been hit hard, adaptation to the new reality is inevitable; the best way to face future challenges with optimism and dedication is using the tools at our disposal and moving towards technological innovation even when it comes to events!

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