Communication: The Key to a Successful Party

If the theme of the party is its soul, the communication is undoubtedly its voice. Depending on the occasion, the person whose birthday it is, and the event’s purpose, there are different ways to make a party talk. You can give it a joyful or mysterious voice. You can make it whisper or shout. You can make it say it all at once or discover one thing at a time.

Always in line with the theme of the party and in line with all the other elements, here are some secrets to manage the communication of a party. These will also allow you to blow your guests away and make your event stand out and memorable.


Communication Before the Party: The Invitations

It may seem obvious or unnecessary, but the invitation is the first glimpse of the party. And, an invitation is perfect when it tells guests that there will be a party and gives some useful information about participation, sometimes even anticipating the theme of the event.
It is also an opportunity to indicate a dress code if necessary or give specific instructions, such as bringing a suit or extra socks.

Therefore, make no mistake: be careful; the type of invitation (personalized, pre-printed, or handmade) is already part of your party’s communication style.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Personalized Invitation?

A pre-printed invitation is quick, it’s true, but it talks about a standard party, like many others, and can’t intrigue and involve those who receive it.

A personalized invitation, custom-made even in a simple way, or hand-colored shows a different care. It communicates your intention to surprise and welcome in a unique way. It shows that every aspect of the organization has been taken care of, including the invitations.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, there are hundreds of invitation templates that you can download from the internet and personalize: by adding your photo, your logo, choosing the dominant colors, and immediately anticipating the theme selected for the party.

Communication During the Party

The party, once started, must then be guided: the guests must be moved to the different environments, to the dining room, to the areas where animations are planned or gathered for specific occasions such as the cutting of the cake.

One person, in particular, can take care of this, the organizer directly or the partygoer, an animator, a singer or waiters if they are present. If there is a stage with a microphone, such announcements should be made directly from there. Again, the tone of the communication is essential. We must therefore avoid interrupting guests while they are eating, drinking, or chatting. Also, make sure not to force them to move or reach others.

If there is no one at the microphone, the best way to communicate at a party is to lead a small group of guests because, as proven, others will follow – but without rushing.

Communication After the Party

When the party is over, surprisingly, the communication continues!
Because it’s time to thank the guests and leave them a very last memory that prolongs the feelings and emotions of the party for a while: the photos taken, the videos or the drawings too.

A very modern idea is to invite and a photographer and a video artist, a drawer or a cartoonist to make funny portraits of certain moments of the party, including, as a group, all the different guests. Depending on the style adopted and the type of party, the final greeting may arrive a few hours later or even in the following days. Usually, the same sending invitations are used: in writing, by e-mail, by WhatsApp, or through a social gathering.

Additional Ideas to Create the Wow Effect

The communication style of a party can be made Wow in this way:

  • social page/event dedicated to the #fest where you can collect the confirmation of participation and then all the photos and tags
  • a personalized invitation for each guest: “I’d like you to come to the party too because.…”
  • a program of the party: a precise schedule of the times and moments when they are scheduled, handed out at the entrance, hung on the walls or available in all the spaces
  • a final thank you message with a photo of the party

Do you have any other tips for making a party memorable with communication styles? Remember to share them with us in the comments below.

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