Corporate Party: 6 Reasons to Choose a Cocktail Bar


Corporate life isn’t just about work. At least once a year, employees get together to share a moment of joy. For the success of these parties, it is necessary to choose a place that adapts to the format of the event. Right now, cocktail bars are the trend and here’s why:

 1) A New Setting

For a company party, the cocktail bar is ideal to re-energize your team. It allows to create and solidify the bonds between employees. This place is perfect to ignore hierarchical positions. Your employees will be more spontaneous. In general, the configuration of cocktail bars forces customers to stand. This makes it easier to interact. Moreover, you will have the possibility to switch from one group to another for more conversation. A corporate party at a restaurant bar or cocktail lounge is always casual. You won’t need to respect any protocol. It’s the perfect place to get to know and converse with employees you don’t know well.

2) Original Activities

Cocktail bars are suitable for corporate parties because they offer original activities. These activities are both entertaining and atypical. They can be a great asset for your team building. You will have the choice between a karaoke evening, belly dancing, table soccer, ping-pong, etc. In addition, it will save you the trouble of finding a DJ, a caterer or an animation. The cocktail bar combines these needs.

3) An Unlimited Number of Bars

Anywhere you live, we’re sure you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to cocktail bars. There are hundreds of them in which you can organize your work party. Authentic decoration, unusual or modern setting, discotheque atmosphere, the choice is yours. Some even allow the possibility to organize a themed party that fits with the atmosphere of the bar.

To find the right bar for your party, consult the yellow pages or online comparisons. Don’t hesitate to contact the managers to discuss the possibilities and terms.

Restaurant, Furniture, Interiors, Interior Design
Restaurant, Furniture, Interiors, Interior Design

4) Food and Drinks Available

A quality meal is a crucial point for the success of a company party. This is why your company party should be held there. Apart from the platters and tapas, bars can offer you various buffets. You can enjoy drinks and cocktails in the presence of your employees.

5) No Rental Fees

This is surely the most appreciated advantage of the organizers. Contrary to a party room, vey often you will not need to pay anything to privatize the bar. All you have to do is inform the manager in advance if you have any special needs. However, some bars may require a minimum amount of consumption during the evening. You always have the possibility to negotiate the amount when you sign the estimate.

6) Promoting Your Business

There is no such thing as bad buzz. This adage is often used in the field of marketing and communication. Having your company party in a trendy cocktail bar could bring you a lot of publicity. It could be the long awaited opportunity to boost sales. You can use this opportunity to promote your company. To do this, you’ll need a good bartender to keep your staff happy. Also consider having a menu with drinks, cocktails and more. Also have remedies or a special bouncer to handle drunken employees.


Have you ever held your corporate event in a bar? Share your experience with us in the  comments below!

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