Within a company, there is no shortage of joyful events (birthdays, sales increases, etc.). To commemorate these events, companies organize banquets or galas. During these celebrations, one notices that the champagne is often personalized. Many people wonder about the usefulness of this practice. Find out in this article why champagne should be personalized for corporate events.

What is Champagne Personalization?

Champagne personalization is a process that aims to modify the texture of one or more champagnes. In order to personalize a champagne, it is recommended to contact a professional. It is the best thing to do. Indeed, the personalization of champagne requires a particular know-how. This is why you should call on a specialist in this field.

There are two ways to personalize a champagne. The personalization of the presentation of a champagne and the personalization of the flavor of a champagne. These two techniques are different from each other.

The Personalization of the Presentation of a Champagne

The personalization of the presentation of a champagne consists in modifying its appearance. Indeed, you can make labels that you will stick on the bottle of champagne. These labels can have your company’s logo or writings. This is a common method. You just have to buy the bottles of champagne and send them to the professional of your choice.

The Personalization of the Flavor of a Champagne

The personalization of the flavor of a champagne aims at modifying the taste of the champagne. Indeed, if your company markets pineapple for example. You can ask the manufacturer to bring out a fruity pineapple flavor for such a champagne. This is a rather expensive technique and reserved for companies with high sales.

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What Is the Use of Champagne Personalization for Your Company’s Events?

The personalization of champagne for your company’s events is useful on several levels. However, overall it aims to improve the image of the company in the eyes of the public. When we talk about public, we are referring to many people. Among these people, we can list :

  • Your company’s customers ;
  • Your company’s prospects;
  • The company’s shareholders
  • Potential investors;
  • The press;

Indeed, all these people will be present at your company’s events. You already know that champagne is a luxury beverage. Personalizing the champagne for these events will be considered as a sign of elegance and class. Note that the effect this personalization will have on your guests will vary from person to person.

Your clients for example, will be dazzled by this gesture. It will reassure them that they made the right choice by choosing you over another company. This way, you create loyalty. They will then be ready to invest more with you. It’s good to have customers, but it’s even better to keep them.

The same goes for your prospects and potential investors. They are eternally hesitant. However, seeing your champagne at your events will convince them to trust you. They will know that you don’t do things by halves. It will reassure them that you honor your commitments. Not everyone can personalize their champagne.

As for your shareholders, they will see that you are being subtle. They will be delighted and will encourage you on your way. They will also consider investing more in the company. In short, the company always wins.

A company that customizes champagne for one of these celebrations is now in the big league. For the press, it will be a scoop. When the press gets tangled up, it’s a guaranteed media buzz. This is very beneficial for you, because everyone will only talk about you. Your reputation will become greater.

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