Tips to Organise a Lovely Tea Party


Tea parties are one of the most popular traditions of the British culture in the XXI century, and they have spread all over the world, and now everyone participates in them. Hosting a tea party at home is a great way to gather everyone together and spend time chatting and drinking hot tea. Here are some valuable tips to make it perfect!

If your tea party is a success, you can also make it a regular date and meet your friends in the warmth of your home for a chat. But how do you organize the tea party of your dreams and what recipes should you prepare to surprise your guests? Let’s look into I together!

Teatime: A Tasting Ritual

When we think of tea time, we inevitably think of the traditional English afternoon tea at 5 p.m. This is an actual ritual of taste and manners that has been passed down for centuries.

The custom seems to have started in the early 19th century when the Duchess of Bedford took a light meal of tea and sweets to satisfy her midday hunger. The Duchess liked the experience so much that she invited her friends to repeat it every day, and soon the ritual became a truly global event.

Teatime Today

Today, although many things in society have changed, teatime is a ritual that has spread worldwide, and tea parties are becoming more and more popular as an original way to celebrate important occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, or simply a meeting with friends.

Choose the Style and Type of Tea You Want to Serve

The first step in organizing a tea party is to choose the style. Teatime doesn’t always have to be in the British style. You can also choose to have a Japanese, Chinese or Russian-style tea party.

English Style

For a traditional English style, you need to choose a classic pure black tea like Ceylon, which has a strong taste.

Chinese Style

You can opt for Chinese teas like the famous gunpowder or green tea with jasmine.

Japanese Style

In Japanese tea ceremonies, the primary choice is green tea such as Sencha or traditional Matcha.

Russian Style

Finally, you can also have a Russian tea party that focuses on rich black teas with a citrus flavor.


Once you have decided on the style of the party, it is essential to decide on the menu. Along with the tea, sweet or savory snacks should be served.

You can start with sandwiches, or scones, soft bread with neutral flavors that can be freely seasoned, and move on to a variety of pastries and desserts. You can choose from classic muffins, traditional Victorian cakes, and all kinds of cookies (sometimes with butter).

Macarons, Purple, Easter Brunch, Easter, Sweets
Macarons, Purple, Sweets


Preparing the table is fundamental and requires elegance and attention to detail. If desired, the table can be set with a glass teapot or delicately decorated porcelain, a white tablecloth embroidered with flowers, a three-dimensional backcloth for arranging refreshments, and a beautiful centerpiece with fresh flowers.

Each guest will be provided with a dessert plate and napkin with a fork, in addition to cups and saucers and teaspoons.


Last but not least, don’t forget to serve tea and pay attention to your guests.

The basic rules are sending invitations in advance and using the original scrapbooking technique if possible, but a simple message is also fine.

Tea, Teatime, Pastry, Syrian, Sweet, Pistachio
Tea, Teatime, Pastry, Syrian, Sweet, Pistachio

By following these little tips, your tea party is sure to be a success. So, let your imagination run wild and organize a tea party to surprise your dear guests in the best way possible!

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