The Perfect Guide For A Themed Wedding.


If you have just joined the club of happy and impatient brides-to-be, this article is for you! You’ve probably already set a date, chosen a reception hall and maybe even your gorgeous dress. It’s now time to decide the wedding theme! Indeed, the decoration and the organization of your wedding depends on it: the place of reception, the decoration of the church, the invitations, the stationery accessories for the D-day, or even the bridal bouquet! To help you see things more clearly, we have listed some of the most inspiring and most popular themes of the moment. Depending on your mood, your budget and the season, you will be able to find the one that suits you best.

Do you prefer a civil union rather than a wedding? Take inspiration from our themes to organize a beautiful celebration with your family or friends. For a secular wedding, you can also choose a wedding style that suits you. Still, the advantage is that you can easily organize your wedding in an unusual place because you don’t have to think about the religious ceremony.

How to choose a wedding theme?

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When it comes to choosing a wedding theme, we usually ask ourselves a million questions. But sometimes the choice can be simple because the theme can be based on a colour like pink, red or gold… or a decorative element like flowers, lace or a symbol like hearts. The wedding theme is something that gives the ceremony consistency and a specific atmosphere. Suppose you are a vegan or a nature lover. In that case, you can, for example, organize your ceremony in a rustic and natural atmosphere… and make invitation cards in the shape of green leaves or on nicely decorated recycled paper.

Wedding theme: put a colour in the spotlight.

Choosing a colour for your wedding theme is simple but effective. Choose a single colour or combine several. Here are some ideas:

All white: so chic!

For a refined and chic look, opt for monochrome. Choose white flowers, white candlesticks, a white carpet, white stationery, white tablecloths…

Combination of pink and white: a touch of romance

For a romantic wedding vibe, pale pink and white are perfect for bringing softness and poetry. So imagine pink and white flower arrangements, pale pink invitations, white tablecloths with a pink table runner, white vases, and pink flowers… You can also make a dress contrast: white wedding dress and pink bridesmaids dresses.

White combined with gold and greenery: natural elegance

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To contrast white, you can then think of green and gold. Green brings freshness and gold, a subtle touch of elegance to the decor. So opt for white flowers combined with green leaves for your table decor. On the table, golden accessories take their place to bring that touch of chic. Think about creating invitations with a floral pattern or even golden accents to dress the bride and groom, for example, golden shoes and jewellery.


After all, it is the colour of love! Avoid the total red look so as not to darken the decoration. Instead, introduce it in touches here and there: an entirely white decoration with red roses that decorate the guests’ tables or red napkins on white plates.

Blue and navy blue

If you’re getting married by the sea, dare to go for a nautical style! Blue napkins on the tables, blue flowers in bouquets, or candle holders in the shape of a shell.

I hope that these different themes will help you create your magical moment. Let us know in the comments below which one do you have a preference for…

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