Cute Decoration Ideas for Baby Shower

Want to plan a cute and memorable party for an expectant mother? These ideas for fun baby shower decorations and favors will help you get started. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or exhausting to be cute and effective. Most of the things needed for a successful shower are affordable and easy to find and can end up being practical gifts for the mother-to-be that will come in handy after the birth of her child.

Coming up with a theme for decorating a shower

The first step you need to take to create fun, unique items and favors is developing a theme for your party. This is usually the most challenging step in planning a shower, but having a theme is essential if you want the whole party to look elegant and not like it was thrown together at the last minute.

The easiest way to decide on a theme is to find out what theme the mother is planning to use to decorate the nursery and go with that. For example, if a pregnant mother is decorating the nursery with an angel theme, you can make small angel dolls as favors for guests and decorate the walls with paper cut-outs of angels.

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Ideas for decorations for the baby’s party.

While it’s best to stick to the central theme, several DIY decorating ideas are universal and can be used no matter what theme you decide to go with. Items that can serve as both decorations and gifts for the expectant mother include baby baths, diapers, bottles, booties, baby clothes, pacifiers, and baby bottles.

If you want to use a baby bathtub, fill it with a punch and float a rubber duck on it or fill it with useful gift items such as baby shampoo, soap, and lotion. To decorate the ceiling or walls, hang baby clothes and booties on a clothesline. Diaper cakes are great as a decorative centerpiece and gift. Baby bottles with teats cut at the ends and straws can be used to serve drinks, while pacifiers can be used as napkin holders.

Food and gifts for your party

When exploring food ideas for your shower, consider going along with your central theme. For example, if you are using a ladybug theme, make ladybug cookies or a ladybug cake to go along with the decorations. If pacifiers are part of your decorating theme, make small pacifiers from two wintergreen lifesavers and one jellybean. Stick the candies together with vanilla frosting, and you have little candy pacifiers that can be used as decorations and snacks.

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If you are decorating your shower with pastel-colored ornaments, use food coloring to make pastel green, blue, yellow, or pink rice crispy treats as color-coordinated snacks. Use cookie cutters shaped like pacifiers, baby carriages, and rattles to make fun cookies to serve as snacks at your shower. These cookies can also be placed in colorful cellophane bags and used as favors for baby shower guests. Some other ideas for baby shower favors include bath bombs, flowers, candles, small potted plants, and baby booties filled with candy and tied with ribbons. Use tissue paper, cellophane, small boxes, and bags to wrap favors elegantly.

Now that you are armed with these ideas for your party, you can start brainstorming themes, decorations, food, and favors so you can plan a special, personal event for yourself or a loved one. Planning a shower can be an enjoyable experience, and your imagination is your only limit for coming up with new and exciting ideas. Use these baby shower decorations and favorite ideas to help you get started. With the right amount of preparation, creativity, and planning, you are bound to have a shower that is fun, elegant, and memorable for the mother-to-be and guests.

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