Ideas to Throw a Fabulous Unicorn-Themed Party for Your Kids

Is your daughter’s birthday coming up, and you want to give her a magical and emotional party? Get inspired by the stories and fairy tale characters they like the most to organize a themed party.

For example, the unicorn, a mythical, noble, and pure animal has been popular. And a unicorn theme party is very easy to organize, and you will have a lot of fun being the one who gets to work on a party full of crafts.

In this article, we give you tips to organize in a creative way a party that will make all children happy.

Decorations for a Unicorn-Themed Party

Decorated Candles

With the candles’ dim lights, you can create an atmosphere that will give your decor a magical touch and that will personalize the party.

If you have decided on a unicorn decoration, do some research on the internet. You will easily find many drawings to print and color as you like to decorate the candles. On the base, you can glue letters, ribbons, or colored ribbons.

To do this, it is best if you use electric Led candles. These candles are beautiful and charming like the real ones but with many advantages. They are ideal for a children’s party: they are safe because if they fall, they will not burn the tablecloth or our little ones’ fingers. In the worst case, the battery compartment will open, and the batteries will fall to the floor.

Lights in Glass Jars

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Have you thought of using Christmas lights yet? Decorative lights are perfect for a children’s birthday party that is almost always based on stories and cartoons. Put them in glass containers and jars: they will catch everyone’s attention, marveling at the magical sparkles of the lights. You can paste words, drawings, or numbers on the jar but always without covering too much of the jars’ luminous interior.

DIY Luminous Balloons

This is one of the latest trends. They look great at weddings, holiday dinners and of course birthday parties. Indeed the little ones have already seen them. So if colored balloons were always present at our birthdays, now transparent and luminous balloons are more fashionable.

You can buy them already made, but it would be much better if you make them at home.

Themed Invitations for a Unicorn Party

To make everyone look forward to the birthday, announce the theme of the party but leave room for imagination. Make an invitation that makes them think of unicorns. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a great designer to make something pretty. Find a picture you like, make a nice box for it, and write the text. Now, let’s print and hand them out!

Setting the Table of a Unicorn-Themed Party

🦄 35 Top Unicorn Table Decoration Ideas - Unicorn Yard

The table for a party with unicorn decorations is colorful and cheerful. You can use rainbow colors not only with decorations but also in drinks and sweets. Therefore it is best if you choose brightly colored glasses, bottles, and platters combined with pastel colors in pink and blue. Bright colors fill us with energy, and pastels make us dream.

If the table is leaning against a wall, decorate it also with garlands, banners, and unicorn heads.

Prepare a cake according to the theme, suggestive of the sweet look of unicorns. You can, for instance, come up with a cream cake with a horn and two cute little ears. You can also make the buffet table even more magical with your own balloon lights, decorated candles, and lights in glass jars.

Did you ever host a unicorn-themed birthday party and have fabulous tips to share? We would love to read them; remember to leave a comment in the section below.

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