Ideas to Throw Your Kids the Best Carousel Party Ever

As children, we all looked forward to the time when the fair came to town with its circus decorations, and when it finally arrived, we begged our parents to take us there! For us, it was magical!

Let them experience the same excitement with the carousel birthday party ideas we’re going to give you for your kids’ birthday, it’s the most appropriate theme for a party!

The smell of cotton candy in the air, that unmistakable song that puts a smile on every child’s face, the carousel of horses going up and down and looking like something out of a fairy tale…

Whether the baby is a little older or it’s a first birthday, you’ll love this theme! By following our tips in this article, you’ll be able to stock up on ideas for an unforgettable girl-themed birthday party!

But that’s not all: the carousel theme, with its typical pastel tones of party decorations, is also suitable for baby showers and christening parties, for example. In this post, you will find many easy and practical ideas to prepare your carousel themed party at home!

The Color Palette

First of all, you need to think about the carousel theme of the party as a goal to achieve. The favorite colors used in this decoration are light and delicate, so you can organize something like a color party with these tones.

Keep in mind that the colors you choose for the setup are essential for your party to be effective. Specifically, if it’s your daughter’s birthday, you could opt for a party where the predominant color is light pink.

Imagine a room all decorated with balloons and pennants for a cheap pink party, you will see what a success!

If, on the other hand, you want to know how to decorate your child’s birthday party, one idea is to stick to colors like blue or mint, or you can give it a more innovative style with decorations for a very original polka dot birthday party.

Once you have chosen the theme and colors of the decorations for the children’s carousel party, we move on to the cheap birthday decorations.

The Decorations

The more decorations, the better it will represent the carousel theme and make your carousel themed house party special.

First, hang the best triangular pennants on all the walls of the room you are going to dedicate to the party, then focus on other more special decorations! There are many types, some very distinctive and perfect for this theme.

In addition, we have a great accessory in mind … and that is that in this carousel-themed party, you cannot forget to decorate with lots of colorful balloons.

One idea is to create several arrangements of small balloons combined with larger balloons to place around the carousel themed buffet table.

Be sure to use large balloons as well. You can choose them in different ways and form writing, for example, the name of the birthday boy or girl or the number of years they are celebrating.

For the more DIYers among you, you can even try making a homemade carousel horse.

Using the cardboard, copy the shape of a horse and color it white and pink. Then attach it to the center of a gold pole that you can build from old pipes or reinforced cardboard and you have the perfect decoration.

Another idea would be to create an entire carousel using only the balloons. In this case, helium balloons would be perfect! Of course, don’t forget to decorate the place with pastel and childlike tones, even for the balloons you choose.

The Table

Once you’ve created a complete and original decoration, it’s time to think about how to decorate the carousel-themed table with really pretty and easy decorations. Shall we start?

The only rule to follow: everything must refer to the carousel themed party you have chosen!

Let’s start thinking about the dishes. Remember that every step is important. Here, the type of dishes you choose and the way you place them on the table both count. Try to avoid stacking all the plates on top of each other, but create small arrangements.

One idea to decorate the table with a carousel theme is to buy pastel colored paper plates and place them like fallen petals on the table. We mean that you place them along the length of your table.

Also, don’t forget to use cups that match the plates, and there’s no better choice than paper cups in pastel shades, like pink, stripes or even polka dots!

Arrange the glasses creatively by building little pyramids to make your table look spectacular and take care of every detail. You’ll make the carousel-themed party even more special!

Also, don’t forget to combine colorful napkins and straws to make every detail perfect.

Use colored napkins that you can buy, for example pink, light color and find themed napkins, you can also use simple themed napkins.

After all these ideas for a perfect carousel themed party, all you have to do is keep enjoying yourself. So what’s the best party theme you’ve ever thrown? Let us know in the comments below.


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