How To Organize A Royal Table Plan For Your Wedding?


The table layout is one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning. For a successful ceremony, make sure that all guests are well seated. Take the time to think about and create a reliable wedding table plan. Just as you need to think about the affinities of the guests, you also need to consider the space available in the room. Make sure that the arrangement of the tables will not prevent you from moving between them.

Take the exact measurements of the room and the tables and make a scale plan. Different table plans are possible: round tables, U-table, T-table, royal table, herringbone tables… The layout will be defined according to the number of guests and the dimensions of the room or tent. If you have decided to invite a few guests, the royal table plan is the right solution for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about how to organize a royal table plan.

What is the royal table plan?


U-shaped tables or royal tables are the most appropriate for a small number of guests. This type of arrangement is reserved for small receptions. In a practical way, the tables are placed next to each other to form a rectangle. All guests are seated on the outside of the rectangle.

Quite atypical, the royal seating plan has the advantage of letting all guests face each other. There will be no particular distinction of guests. Everyone is gathered around the reception table to rejoice. The void created in the center of the table leaves a central place lost. Nevertheless, this configuration gives clear visibility to all the guests.

When to start the table plan?


Before proceeding to the choice of the table plan, it is necessary to define the wedding theme. The choice of the reception hall is also a determining factor. The ideal is to ask your guests to confirm their presence about two months before the wedding date. This will give you time to contact people who have forgotten to reply and to invite others to replace those who have withdrawn.

How to place your guests?


Since your guests will be spread out on several tables, it is most practical to sort them by group to start the layout. Guests can be arranged according to age, affinity, etc. Of course, according to tradition, the head table is reserved for the parents and witnesses of your wedding, accompanied by their half. Then, place next to them the people to be honored.

Remember to place friends and young people close to the music. It will be a pleasure for them to enjoy the track. On the other hand, older people should not be placed near the sound system and the window. This way, they can avoid noise, drafts, and coming and going.

The organization of a wedding must take into account several points. In order to find the right table plan, take into account the number of guests, the atmosphere to be created, the affinities between the guests… As for the decoration, you will do it according to the theme. If you dream of sumptuous weddings like those of the royal celebrities, bet on the decoration of the table and the various accessories like the structure of shade or the covers of chairs.

Take inspiration from the most prestigious weddings to set the tone for your event. The fleur-de-lis is the ultimate symbol of royalty. Gather all the elements that would create a chic atmosphere where you would feel like you are in a palace: decoration in pastel tones, royal blue…

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