Omona K-Pop Karaoke Party Playlist

Omona K-Pop Karaoke Party Playlist

To all K-Pop fans, this party is for you!

There are a lot of people that hate karaoke and then there are several out there that love it. There are some who can really sing and belt them out, some who are decent and some who are really insensitive to differences in musical pitch but would still enjoy singing.

If I had to use one word to define karaoke, it would be “entertainment.” It’s not a contest to see who is the best, but rather it’s about having a great time with your friends. There’s no better way to have fun than standing with a microphone in your hands and doing that diva-esque posturing in front of your hands. Of course, there’ll always be that one friend who’d brag about how they can sing like Celine Dion or Mariah Carey (you know who I’m talking about). But, otherwise, a karaoke party is meant to be spent with your loved ones and enjoyed through music.

So, if you are a K-Pop fan and want to host a fun K-Pop karaoke party, here are some songs you need to include in your playlist.

Fantastic Baby –BigBang

Fantastic Baby –BigBangI’m more of an ARMY, BLINK or ONCE and therefore I don’t many of BigBang’s songs but I’ve come across a few of them and one of my favorites is “Fantastic Baby.”


Released in 2012, this K-Pop song is the reason that got many into K-Pop (and why some are learning Korean 😂).

I’d say this song is a masterpiece. Their voices are out of this world and their dances feel so enthusiastic and funny at the same time. This song is so powerful and vibrant that it’d make you wanna dance anywhere.

Have a look at the lyrics:

Come together, everyone gather here

We gon’ party like li-li-li, la-la-la

Open your hearts, empty your minds

Set the fire li-li-li, la-la-la

Don’t ask for the answer, but just take it as it is

Go with the flow alright

Face the sky and put your two hands up

Up high, wanna jump around, oh

Ddu-du-ddu-du –Blackpink

Ddu-du-ddu-du –BlackpinkVOCAL – 100%

DANCE – 100%

RAP – 100%


EDIT – 100%

VISUAL – 100%

QUEENS – 100%

LYRICS – 100%

MV – 100%


DDU-DU-DDU-DU by Blackpink was a whole cultural reset for the music industry. It became one of Blackpink’s most popular songs, the hook step went viral and today it is the most viewed K-pop mv at 1.7 b after Gangnam Style by Psy. Well to be honest it is a very catchy song, it has some of Jennie’s and Lisa’s best raps (I can say that Jennie’s rap was one of the main reasons for this gain popularity as it is by far her best rap), one of Rose’s best bridges, and of course Jisoo’s god-tier visuals. The dance break literally defines ICONIC. And how can we forget Rose’s red hair!!

That That –Psy and Suga

That That –Psy and Suga Min Yoon-gi is a member of BTS. He is better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D. Managed by Big Hit Entertainment, this South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has an insane passion for music. And, when he collaborated with one of Korea’s best soloists, Psy, we all expected a good song, but “That That” is such a banger!

It’s refreshing to listen to a K-Pop song with such a high tempo. This is the kind of song that pulls you along for the ride. It’s almost impossible to sit still when this groove is blasting. It’s so coercive you won’t even bat an eye at the flimsy nature of the hook. That’s always been one of PSY’s superpowers. His confidence is infectious.


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