Original and Exciting Ideas to Set Up a Candy Bar for Your Parties

The Candy Bar, a buffet of exquisite sweets, is the central and focal point of the party, as it is the place where the birthday cake is placed, accompanied by the best sweets, arranged in a decorative and very appetizing way, giving beauty to the whole environment. It also becomes a place where you can let your imagination run wild, where you can make your childhood dreams come true and, why not, the dreams of adults too.

How to Make a Candy Bar with Original Ideas

Are you wondering how to make a simple candy bar? The first thing to do is to choose the place where you are going to put the basic elements for the decoration with sweets.

In this sense, it is necessary to have a background that highlights the decorative elements of the candy table; for this scenario there are countless ideas, such as the use of balloons for cascading events, curtains, columns, banners for Candy Bar…

In addition to the decoration of your themed candy bar, you have other accessories such as rosettes, pompoms, bunting, garlands in pastel colours or, if you prefer, in brighter tones; all this is determined by your choice of colours for that birthday or special event that everyone is waiting for and that you have been thinking about for some time.

Other elements that are often used to have an excellent decoration are banners or silhouettes that show the protagonists of the main theme, from clouds, unicorns, bears to any cartoon character.

How to Decorate the Candy Bar with Ideas for Children or Adults

Once you have decided on the theme of the candy bar, which will depend on the age of the birthday boy or girl, since the age and sex will help you a little in the choice of decorative elements, although it is not definitive, in our time there is an openness and flexibility in tastes, so that everything revolves around the reason for the party. It could be a graduation, a promotion, a wedding, a baptism, a fifteenth birthday, a first communion or a birthday. Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a super original Candy Bar.

Nappy and Table

Every candy bar needs a table where you can put all the sweets and treats for the guests and the cake, which, don’t forget, must be fabulous. But first you need to cover the table with a tablecloth.

The current trend is to use cylindrical tables covered with a vinyl tablecloth, which is very special because it has no rigid or structured contours. This type of table allows you to move around the room and invites you to be full, to talk, to share and to enjoy.

However, you can also opt for the traditional rectangular table if the amount of food you are going to serve requires a large space, and this guarantees this. For this table, tablecloths are your best allies, due to their variety in neutral tones, unique or patterned, what you need is to choose an ideal where the different elements that will give life to the table stand out, but if the same, due to its purity, is Bella does not require a tablecloth, we recommend you use a skirt so that it is elegant.

Bowls and Containers

To set up the Candy Bar for any party, it is essential to have a variety of disposable bowls, boxes or containers of different sizes and shapes; these will be the basic pieces for guests to take their snacks personally.

You can use transparent bowls, such as the large cylinder with a foot or base, which gives the impression that the sweets are floating in space, or the flared or square bowl as a treat box.

Remember that cupcakes are very popular and expected at meetings and parties nowadays, so if you decide to give the most fashionable and delicious sweets, we recommend you do it in a cupcake display, and also to combine them with chocolates, you can present them in a beautifully shaped chocolate display.


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