6 Steps for Making Christmas Decorations With Felt

6 Steps for Making Christmas Decorations With Felt

Advent is the perfect time to make Christmas ornaments with your family to decorate the tree, the fireplace, and the windows… Affordable and adorable, these little decorations can be made in a minimum of time, which is an additional advantage for the little ones who will also be able to take part in this little festive air before the hour!

Here’s how to create felt Christmas decorations.

1. Create the patterns for your felt Christmas decorations

Start by making the patterns of your different decorations on paper:

Download or create simple patterns on your computer.

Choose easy patterns that are not too small, giving you a nice finish.

Print as many patterns as you need to make decorations.

Then carefully cut out all your patterns with scissors.

2. Transfer the patterns to the felt

Next, transfer the patterns to the felt.

Place a pattern on the felt of your choice.

Using a magic marker (fabric marker that fades after a while) or a simple marker, follow the outline of the pattern.

Repeat the process a second time: for each decoration, you should have two cuts of the same pattern.

Cut out all the felt patterns, then set them aside two by two.

3. Assemble the felt patterns two by two

Once you’ve cut out your designs, it’s time to assemble them. There are two possible solutions.

Important: whether you glue or sew them, remember to leave a 2 cm space at the top of each decoration so that you can fill it with absorbent cotton. 

3.1. Glue the designs with a glue gun:

Put a little glue on the outside edge of a design;

immediately place the second design on top of the first and press down to make sure they stick together.

Important: the glue gun should only be used by an adult.

3.2. Sew the felt pieces together:

Overlap the 2 designs;

Join them with a straight stitch of absorbent cotton in the color of your choice.

Good to know: a thread of a different color than the felt can offer a nice contrast.

4. Fill your felt Christmas decorations with absorbent cotton

The stuffing of the decorations is done with synthetic wadding:

Detail a bit of absorbent cotton with your fingers.

Use a folding knife to slide the absorbent cotton into the decorations.

Continue detailing and stuffing the ornaments, spreading the absorbent cotton to avoid “holes”.

Stuff the ornaments enough so that they are “plump” like a small flat pillow.

5. Make ties to hang the Christmas decorations

6 Steps for Making Christmas Decorations With Felt

To finish, add ties to your ornaments so they can be easily hung:

Cut small strips of felt about 20 cm by 1 cm.

Fold them in half, then insert them into the hole you left for the ornament padding.

Glue or stitch to close.

6. Add elements to your felt Christmas decorations

Glitter paint, charms, small shapes cut from leftover felt or purchased, and anything else you have on hand, allows you to personalize your decorations even more. For example, you can:

Write on one or both sides of the decorations the name of your children, your parents, your friends, or simply the word Christmas.

Add small colored dots, glitter paint, lines to delimit areas, make eyes for birds, teddy bears, angels…

Add charms (small decorative objects used in scrapbooking), and felt embellishments to stick with the glue gun.

Store your decorations carefully in a special Christmas box while waiting to put up the tree!

Materials needed to create felt Christmas decorations

Sewing needle

Paper scissors


Sewing thread

Paper + Pencil

Glue gun

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