Tips for Hosting a Surprise Party

Is your girlfriend, partner, or mom having a birthday soon and needing a big party? Then go ahead and surprise them with a surprise party! Organizing a surprise party involves a lot of things, but it can also be a lot of fun. Here are the top 7 tips for making an unexpected party unforgettable!

1) Consider Whether the Person Likes Surprise Parties

Before planning a big party, it is essential to consider whether the birthday boy or girl really likes surprise parties. Some people do not like being in the spotlight, while others do not like the surprise of a surprise. Therefore, think carefully about whether the person will like it.

2) Choose a Date: Make Sure the Birthday Person Can Make It, Too!

Planning a surprise party naturally begins with choosing a date. Planning your own birthday can be difficult, but planning a surprise party can be even more difficult. In any case, try to make it well in advance of the birthday so that the person does not have to make plans or feel forgotten. Also, check the birthday person’s availability. For example, ask the birthday boy or girl’s friends if they have plans to do anything together that day. In the latter case, you can make arrangements at the place where the surprise party will be held.

3) Choose The Guests Carefully

Have you decided on a date for the surprise party? Then it’s time to decide who will come to the party! Make a guest list with family members, close friends, and others who know the celebrant well. Also, consider the size of the party. Does the birthday boy want a small club of 25 people, or would he prefer to be surrounded by 70 guests? Then define the exact guests. Scroll through the person’s Facebook friends, sneak a look at the messages, and ask how many friends should not miss the party. This will help you get the right number of people to have a surprise party.

4) Choose the Right Venue for the Surprise Party

Now that you know the date of your surprise party, you can start choosing a location. Want to plan an inexpensive surprise party? Then plan a surprise party at the person’s home or an acquaintance’s home. Everyone can bring something delicious for dinner, and you can provide your own aperitif snacks and drinks. If you have a little more money to spend, you can host the party in a hall or restaurant. The food and drinks can be prepared by the restaurant or caterer. Now you don’t have to worry anymore! The advantage of hosting a surprise party at home is that you can make it a little more personal. And of course, you can keep it going until the wee hours of the morning!

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5) Choose a Fun Theme

Once you have decided on a venue, the next step is to think about the décor for your surprise party. The easiest way to do this is to choose a theme. For example, why not have a fun garden party with a festive theme? It’s even more fun if you opt for something close to the birthday person. How about a Hollywood party with her favorite movie stars? Or a party with the first letter of her name. And of course, if the birthday girl loves unicorns, you can plan a unicorn party with rainbows and unicorns!

6) Planning a Surprise Party: Paying Attention to Details

On the day of the party, keeping the birthday person away from the party venue is especially important. Also, have someone accompany the birthday person and keep in touch with him. For example, using the code word in the message, agree that it will take 10 more minutes for the birthday boy to arrive. You can then lean in and give instructions to your guests yourself before the birthday person comes. Surprise!” Happy Birthday!” shouts, and whether or not there will be confetti. Also, assign someone to film the entrance so the birthday person can review his or her reaction repeatedly! When the party begins, please keep the following in mind

– Do not park on the street around the party site. It would be a waste if the birthday person already knows about the surprise!

– Do not hang birthday decorations in front of or near windows.

– All guests should arrive at least one hour early. This way, you can ensure that latecomers can join in the surprise.

– Prepare drinks in advance. This will make the wait more enjoyable and make the birthday more festive.

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Let us know if these few tips have helped you!

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