3 Steps for Making Birthday Decorations

3 Steps for Making Birthday Decorations


Step 1: Make paper rosettes

Step 2: Make pennant garlands

Step 3: Make toppers to decorate the buffet

You’ll want to decorate the reception area if you’re having a birthday party. Usually, your party decorations will benefit from a limited range of colours. Choose two or three colours that match each other, and make all your decorations in those colours! Why not opt for homemade decorations so that you can choose the colours to the exact shade?

Here are three ideas for making birthday decorations. These are suitable for both adults’ and children’s birthdays.

 1. Make paper rosettes

3 Steps for Making Birthday Decorations

Get 3 sheets of A4 paper of the same colour and double-sided tape, then:

Fold one sheet lengthwise into an accordion, with even folds about 2 cm wide.

Fold the accordion in half, then tape the two ends together with double-sided tape to make a fan.

Make 3 fans and glue them together to make the rosette.

You can make several rosettes in different sizes and colours and attach them to the wall with masking tape or paste.

Note: Personalize the rosettes by gluing paper dots in the center if it’s a child’s birthday. Print a few small images from the Internet corresponding to the day’s theme (pirates, princesses, superheroes…) and glue them in the center of the pastilles.

2. Make pennant garlands

3 Steps for Making Birthday Decorations

Bring 2 or 3 different colours of paper, a ruler, a pencil, scissors, tape and string (if the string needs to be visible, use white string or two-tone bakers twine).

Proceed as follows:

Start by drawing a triangle with the dimensions of your choice on one of the sheets of paper: for example, 17 cm for the base and 21 cm for the height.

Cut it out and use it as a pattern for the following triangles.

Cut out about 15 pennants or more, depending on the length of the garland you want.

Make a fold about 1 cm wide at the base of each pennant, then turn the pennant upside down and cut off the protruding pieces of paper on each side.

Cut a piece of string to the desired length.

Place the string at the top of the first pennant, in the fold, and tape the fold over the string.

Continue arranging the pennants end to end or spacing them evenly, for example, 5 cm apart.

Note: you can leave the flags as they are or write letters on them to form the words “happy birthday” and the name of the person you are celebrating. You can decorate the flags for a child’s birthday with drawings corresponding to the party’s theme, stickers, etc.

3. Make “toppers” to decorate the buffet

Provide paper in the colours of your choice, toothpicks or wooden skewers, scissors and glue, then :

Cut out 2 triangles of the same size from the paper to form a mini pennant.

Glue the 2 triangles together, enclosing a toothpick or skewer between them.

Attach these little pennants to the individual dishes and cakes on the buffet.

Note: For a child’s birthday party, make round toppers instead of pennants and glue them with designs that relate to the theme.

Materials needed to make birthday decorations

Paper scissors

Gel glue




Masking tape

Adhesive tape

Double-sided tape

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