Lighting up a Garden for Christmas

Lighting up a Garden for Christmas


    – Highlight your roof edge with light

    – Illuminate your windows

    – Light up the entrance to the house

    – Illuminate one or more trees

    – Create a path of light

If you have a garden, dress it up in lights for a magical celebration. LED lamps have become widespread and allow you to keep the lights on throughout the holiday season at a low energy cost. To warmly welcome your guests on Christmas Eve, think of solar lanterns and simple candles.

This post gives you different ideas to illuminate a garden for Christmas. It’s up to you to choose the ones that will appeal to you the most.

Highlight your roof edge with light

Choose your electric garland.

After measuring the length of garland you need, choose from the many models on the market:

    – Choose a garland adapted to the exterior.

    – Choose between white and coloured garland: white garland for an enchanting look, coloured garland for a more cheerful decoration.

    – Choose a garland style from:

        ◦ traditional garlands;

        ◦ flexible light tube garlands;

        ◦ garlands forming a light curtain descending on the facade;

        ◦ garlands in the form of stalactites, which make a significant effect on the edge of the roof;

        ◦ the spectacular garlands with water drop effect or waterfall effect.

Install your electric garland

    – To hang your electric garland, use gutter hooks provided for this purpose, which clip easily on all gutters or almost. If you plan to light up your roof every year, leave these hooks in place from one year to the next.

    – Then, run the wire from your garland through the hooks.

Note: Be careful when using a ladder. Have a second person hold the ladder firmly to avoid the risk of falling.

Plugin your garland

    – Plug your garland into an outdoor outlet. Otherwise, plug it into your garage outlet with an extension cord running under the door.

    – Use extension cords and power strips designed for outdoor use.

Note: to avoid any electrical connection problem, especially if you don’t have an outside outlet, you can use solar electric garlands equipped with a sensor to be planted in the ground or fixed on the roof edge. Placed in the sun all day, they store enough light, even in winter, to glow at night.

Illuminate your windows

Nothing is warmer in December than illuminated windows! There are a variety of ways to do this.

Light up your windows from the inside

    – Hang a lighted star on the wall above the window.

    – Hang a garland of lights on the windows with clear suction cups.

Illuminate your windows on the outside

Highlight the edges of your windows with garlands of light tubes. To hang them, you have two options:

    – Stand on the shutters and attach the garland with nylon thread.

    – With flexible putty, attach wooden boards to the corners of the window. Insert hooks into these boards to attach the garland or light tube.

Note: you can remove the wooden boards by running a smearing knife between the board and the wall.

Light up the entrance to the house

Lighting up a Garden for Christmas

    – Put up or hang pretty metal lanterns, either candle-lit or solar lanterns, which light up automatically at dusk.

    – To welcome your guests on Christmas Eve, place a dozen ordinary white candles in a clay pot (or in 2 pots on either side of the entrance) and light them together.

Light one or more trees

Light a fir tree if your garden has one; otherwise, light any tree, even one that has been denuded by winter. Use:

    – Either solar electric garlands, attached with plasticized wire (intended for gardening).

    – Or solar photophores to hang in the tree.

    – Or homemade candle holders to fill with candles.

Create an illuminated path

From the gate to your front door, create a pathway to heaven! 🙂

    – Line the driveway with 2 garlands in the shape of flexible light tubes.

    – Or line it with candle holders, which can be simple glass jars with tea lights.


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