The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2022


Since 2020, we have witnessed the sad fate of nuptial ceremonies being postponed repeatedly due to the pandemic. Couples were putting off their ‘dream day’, but now in 2022, most restrictions have been lifted, and lovers can now celebrate with their families.

Different wedding trends have been seen in life these past years; we saw an increase in micro-weddings – which were at first compulsory but slowly turned into a willing decision. Wedding professionals are saying that micro-wedding is here to stay. They have various advantages, from being money-saving to the warmth of being intimate.

What do 2022 weddings show us? 2022 will be very distinguished from the other weddings we have seen in the past. Everything will change from the wedding dress to the decoration, for better or worse? We will discover this year. Let’s see what trends we are expecting in 2022…

1. Bridgerton

The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2022
The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2022

If you have never heard of Bridgerton before, I guess you are living under a rock (or you don’t have a Netflix subscription). Still, whatsoever, this is one of the biggest ever launched series on Netflix, and we are noticing the Bridgerton series everywhere.

There will be an increase in bridal gloves, puff-sleeved dresses, and pearl veils. While these remain Bridgerton trends, some are more subtle, such as embroidery or a square neckline.

2. Getting More Personal

Weddings are no more large events with 200+ guests. It owes the hosts to make their guests feel more welcome, and they can spend more time with them.

Host Couples are emphasizing ‘small circle’ weddings with friends and close friends only.s are now investing in personalized cards or napkins that offer another level of intimacy and a well-thought wedding.

3. Outdoor

Couples appear more enthusiastic than ever at the thought of an outdoor wedding – and going back to nature – after spending so much time trapped at home during the pandemic.

Outdoor weddings and more rustic sites like barns, courtyards, and vineyards are the most pinned wedding alternatives for 2022.

Some couples are taking advantage of looser travel restrictions to organize destination weddings abroad and soak up some much-needed sun while they’re at it – but the quantity of beautiful outdoor venues in the UK, as well as the simplicity of remaining home, is leading to an increase in ‘staycation’ weddings.

4. Bow Down To Bows

Bows were seen all over the spring/summer catwalks in 2022, and the trend has already begun to infiltrate into bridal clothing.

The number of searches for bow gowns has increased by 50%, while searches for bridal or bridesmaid bow accessories have increased by 114%.

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5. Antiques

We predicted that antique and secondhand dresses would be enormous this year, and we were correct.

It’s easy to see why brides opt for older dresses, with an eye toward sustainability, cost savings, and a little more personality.

It’s easy to see why brides opt for older dresses, with an eye toward sustainability, cost savings, and a little more personality.

This year, brides ask for gowns from their own families for their weddings. Brides prefer to adapt inherited garments, retaining loyalty to themselves while maintaining sentimental value, much like Princess Beatrice. She staged a tiny wedding in July 2020 and wore a slightly changed dress of her grandmother’s.

Putting your spin on “vintage” garments is a popular alternative to wearing them. Princess Beatrice added “bridal” cap sleeves and a more basic design to the classic gown when she borrowed it for her wedding, giving her traditional and, most importantly, nostalgic clothing with a modern twist.

Make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life by wearing something unique given to you by a close family member.

Let us know which one of these trends do you like the most…

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