Dressing Up for a Kid’s Birthday: How to Make Clown Makeup?

Clown Makeup


Step 1: Make paper rosettes

Step 2: Make pennant garlands

Step 3: Make “toppers” to decorate the buffet

If you’re having a child’s birthday party, you’ll probably want to include clown face painting for the occasion. 

The clown character comes from the circus world. There are 2 kinds of clowns for a kids’ party:

  • the whiteface clown;
  • the Auguste, whose clumsiness makes the audience laugh.

More joyful and colourful than the white clown, Auguste is the children’s favourite character. Here’s how to make clown makeup for a child’s birthday party with just a few brushstrokes.

Start by setting up your work area. Set up two chairs facing each other and lay out everything you’ll need on a table.

Dip a flat, wide brush into a glass of water.

Liquefy the white water blush by running the dampened brush over its surface until it reaches a creamy consistency.

Brush the white makeup over the child’s upper eyelid to the middle of the forehead to stretch the eyes.

Draw the clown smile by drawing a wide area around the mouth, from cheekbone to cheekbone, just under the nose and down to the chin.

Tip: Symmetry is difficult for a beginner, so use a different design for each eye.

2. Brighten up the clown face with red

Clown Makeup

Rinse your brush in your glass of water and blend your red makeup in the same way as you did with the white.

Pass the brush over the child’s lips. Do not hesitate to go over the top; the clown’s smile is his main characteristic.

Draw a round dot of red blush on the tip of the nose with the brush or your finger.

Tip: It is possible to correct a line you do not like with a cotton swab dipped in water.

3. Line with black

Dip a thin brush into water and then blend your black makeup roller.

Delineate the white makeup areas around the eyes and mouth with a thin line.

Underline the area under the eyes (avoid this with smaller eyes).

Draw a thin vertical line across the upper lid and under the eye.

Tip: Hold your brush like a pen for greater stability and precision and rest your pinky on your model’s cheek.

4. Add shimmer with glitter

There’s no risk of overdoing it; kids love glitter.

They come in all colours and 3 different forms:

  • loose glitter to be sprinkled generously;
  • gel glitter to apply on specific areas;
  • spray glitter to be used on the hair.

Tip: make sure you use cosmetic glitter and not the glitter found in the hobby section of stores, as it is not suitable and can damage the cornea.

A little blush on the cheeks and a coloured hair spray will help you perfect the clown makeup. Finally, you should know there are as many clown makeups as clowns. Feel free to create your own as your imagination dictates.

Materials needed to make a clown makeup

Cotton swab

Fine makeup brush

Glass of water

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