5 Steps for Making a Cat Make-up

Cat Make-up


Step 1: Apply your cat’s base colour

Step 2: Add a few touches of pink to your cat make-up

Step 3: Draw the whiskers in white

Step 4: Create contrast with black

Step 5: Make the cat make-up shine with glitter

A birthday party, carnival, Halloween, or fair are all opportunities for kids to indulge in their favourite activity: putting on make-up. Like tigers or butterflies, cat make-up is one of their favourites. It has the advantage of being quite quick to do, suitable for both girls and boys, and easily adaptable to the youngest. By following these few steps, you will be able to make colourful make-up for big cats and little kittens.

Here’s how to do a cat make-up.

Note: Use quality make-up products. Make sure they are hypoallergenic and child-friendly.

1. Apply your cat’s base colour

Cat Make-up

Choose your pet’s base coat colour. Gray or brown is fine, but opting for purple, green, or blue makes for a cartoonish version of make-up.

Dip a flat brush into a glass of water.

Sweep the moistened brush over the surface of the chosen water blush to achieve the consistency of a gouache pellet.

Apply the colour to your model’s forehead, eyes, nose, and cheekbones.

2. Add a few touches of pink to your cat make-up

Rinse your brush in your glass of water and dampen your pink make-up pellet as you did in the previous step.

Apply blush above the eyebrow to draw the inside of the feline ears. Start from the middle of the eyebrow and stretch the colour towards the temples.

Then colour the tip of the nose to create a pretty nose.

Finish with the lips.

Note: You can correct a line you don’t like by using a cotton swab dipped in water.

3. Draw the whiskers in white

Rinse your brush and pick up some white watercolour.

Apply it just under the nose, above the upper lip.

Use a fine brush to draw in a few clumps of hair in places, such as around the ears.

Add a fang to each outer corner of the bottom lip.

4. Create contrast with black

Pick up some black make-up with the fine brush.

Outline the cat’s fur and fangs.

Represent the whiskers with a series of dots and a few hairs.

It’s not always easy to apply eye make-up to young children. If your model does not move too much, draw a thick line of liner on the upper eyelids and a thinner line under the eyes.

Note: from a certain age, boys do not accept having pink on their lips “like girls”. In this case, replace pink with black.

5. Make cat make-up shine with glitter

Don’t be afraid to overdo it, kids love glitter! They come in all colours and in 3 different forms:

loose glitter to be sprinkled generously;

gel glitter to apply on specific areas;

spray glitter to be used on the hair.

Note: it is preferable to use cosmetic glitter, the others are not adapted and may irritate the eyes.

For the smallest or the impatient, the make-up can be simplified by keeping only the nose and the mustache.

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