Origami: Get Folding for Your Event

Origami is a technique for creating different shapes with paper, with which it is possible to make different animals, flowers, and many other objects to innovate in the decoration of parties. You can create the pieces in an easy and fun way.

How about getting your hands dirty and creating different origami for your upcoming event? In this article, we discover more on the different types of origami that we can make and how to use them in decorations. 

But first, let’s see where this amazing technique comes from.

Meaning of Origami

Origami is a Japanese word that means folding paper. It is an art of ancient origin that appeared in the imperial court of Japan as a hobby. This technique aims to form drawings with folds on paper without using scissors. For the Japanese, the act of creating paper folds symbolizes the transformation of life, and each figure represented has different meanings. For example, the tsuru/Orizuru or origami crane symbolizes peace, happiness, good luck, and health.

Types of Origami

Origami: Japanese Paper Folding | KCP International

There are several forms of flowers, animals, and other objects that can be made with paper only. Below, we’ve gathered a list of different types of origami.

Origami Tsuru

Origami Crane/Tsuru - Tutorial in English (BR) - YouTube

The origami tsuru is one of the most traditional and famous formats of this art. The folds are very simple and require a little attention, but this model can be easily made by a beginner. You can use any type and size of paper, as long as it is a square format.

Origami Bird

There are several variations and shapes of birds that you can make with paper. You create a bird origami, which can be used to decorate parties while using the colors you prefer to make yours.

Origami Dragon

Among so many possibilities, you can also make a dragon origami. Most cases are creations of intermediate to advanced level, with many folds and that may require a little patience and practice to reach the desired result.

Origami Flower

Flor de Origami (sakura) no Elo7 | Ateliê Giselli (6CF166)

Sakura or cherry blossom is a national symbol in Japan. It also symbolizes love, renewal and hope. You can create this delicate origami flower with different colors and use creativity to decorate vases, compose arrangements and make bouquets.

Origami Butterfly

Another very popular model is the butterfly, which can be very easy and simple to make. A lovely folding to decorate your daughter’s party while making garlands out of them.

Hummingbird Origami

You can also make a hummingbird shape, a simple and delicate fold that carries a meaning of good luck.

Origami Heart

An origami heart is an easy and special model for decorating objects, decorating weddings, and or any party. You can create different sizes and create different compositions full of love and care.

Frog Origami

How to Fold an Easy Origami Jumping Frog - Traditional Jumping Frog

Frog origami can be a playful and attractive format to do with children. With only paper, it is possible to make a jumping frog that is very fun to play with the little ones. In addition, the art of paper folding encourages imagination, stimulates concentration and is a great practice to do at any age. The origami technique can be a fun and relaxing activity, whether for adults or children. There are no limits to transforming a sheet of paper into another object and you can create fantastic shapes to decorate your event.

Origami Inspirations in Decoration

Make some DIY Hanging Mobiles

Origami pieces can be transformed into paintings, arrangements or embellishments. With them, it is possible to create different shapes to decorate parties, weddings, and many other events.

  • Hanging mobiles are creative options for making origami
  • You can create the mobile with just one type of folding
  • Or mix different shapes of animals for a playful effect
  • It is also possible to make a geometric vase or a bouquet of folded flowers
  • Assemble a beautiful Christmas wreath for your home door
  • Embellish birthday cake topsOrigami cake toppers | Etsy
  • Hang them in children’s party
  • With birds, it is possible to make a hanging ornament
  • Build a colorful tree
  • Even the Christmas tree can be made with paper
  • Turn your origami into creative light fixtures
  • Origami makes any corner more charming
  • Create a backdrop with origami

Have you been decorating your parties with origami? We want to know how they turned out; don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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