10 Different Types of Tents for Your Event

Planning an outdoor event in the coming months? Then you’re probably looking for an original party tent! Spring, summer, autumn, winter – with the right equipment, your party can take place in a tent all year round. Get inspired with these ten types of tents.

Frame Tent

A fan of the classic white tent? Then a frame tent is an excellent choice for your event. With a frame tent, you can get a lot of versatility as you can choose whether you want the tent with windows, panels, sails, or including doors. This tent is also available in different sizes. The frame tent is therefore fully customizable, making it a stylish choice for any event.

Silhouette Tent

If you want to choose a stylish tent design, look towards the silhouette tent. With its bright color, festive top, and adjustable sides, the silhouette tent is a real eye-catcher. Combine this tent with white tablecloths for a striking and clean result. In other words, a silhouette tent is a perfect tent for a stylish garden party!

Palladio Tent

The Palladio tent is much more than just a tent. It combines modernity with classic design. Moreover, the tent lets in plenty of light and looks elegant thanks to its row of pillars. Fancy! Thanks to the doors that connect the interior and exterior spaces and the adjoining terrace, you get a great sense of exclusivity.

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Ferro Tent

The Ferro tent comes with its green environment. The walls are entirely made of glass and steel, giving you a pleasant view of the surrounding environment. This tent has custom curtains and fully tuned lighting, so that cozy is taken to unseen heights both day and night. This tent is easily adjustable in both size and width. Want to be one with nature? Then the Ferro tent is the right choice!

Star Tent

The name says it all: the star tent is star-shaped. It’s a kind of stretchable tent with a high top and diverging sidewalls. Although this star tent can be rented in different sizes, the usable area is quite limited. Choose this tent if you have a small guest list or if you want to create a separate lounge for your event.

Stretch Tent

Surprise your guests with the ever-popular stretch tent! This type of party tent is inspired by classic Berber or Bedouin tents. Thanks to its multifunctional design, it is also known as a 4×4 under tent. The stretch tent is ideal for adverse weather conditions. It can be easily adapted to the size and shape of your location- ideal for those who want a modern tent that makes good use of the available space.

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While most tents have a pointed or flat roof, the Dome tent stands out for its rounded shape. The Dome is a unique marquee that will make your event instantly stand out.


This tent was created by Native Americans and is hotter than ever today. By working with tipi tents, you create a relaxed bohemian feel to your event. A tipi tent is a nice eye-catcher!

Hampton Bay Tent

Those wishing to opt for exclusivity can rely on the Hampton Bay tent. This sturdy tent offers protection and shade for a large number of people, making it a good choice for an event with many guests. With a large, covered terrace and mood lighting, you can imagine yourself in a tropical destination.

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Stavanger Tent

As the name suggests, the Stavanger tent has come over from Scandinavia. This giant tent, therefore, combines Scandinavian efficiency with design and elegance. Are you a fan of elegant design? Then could this be the perfect tent for your event? What’s more, the Stavanger tent is easily adjustable in both height and width. You can even add covered terraces if you wish.

Which one among these fantastic tents you think will be ideal for your next event? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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