The Best Themes For Your Baby Shower

Are you planning a baby shower soon? Then first on the agenda is a very warm “Congratulations!”. Soon you will want to introduce your youngest member to the outside world. Here are some theme inspirations for your baby shower!

on a Pink or Blue Cloud

A pink theme for a girl, blue for a boy, this classic continues to work well for baby showers and can also be fully customized to your preferences. Plenty of colors! Combine the setting with attention-grabbing colors such as gold or mint green for an enchanting baby shower.

Your Favorite Animals

Choose one or more animal(s) as your baby shower theme and let them feature throughout your decor: birth announcements, invitations, menus, decorations, etc. Need inspiration? Head to the jungle because the safari theme is going to be a big hit in 2021.

Life is An Amusement Park

Life is full of fun, and you may know it by the way we’re going with the theme fair. Bright colors, delicious food, striking lights, and the right atmosphere will make your baby shower a cozy one.

Sailor Baby Shower

It’s classic when everyone knows the future prince is a boy, but it doesn’t have to be boring to do so.

With a sailor theme, you can play with beautiful nautical elements, make centerpieces with sand, use sea shanties as decorations, and of course, give the guests cute nautical hats.

Decorative aspects of this theme:

-Blue and white are the dominant colors.

-Balloons and garlands with pennants in these colors are perfect for a dock effect.

-Nautical accessories, such as sea jewelry, boat ropes, glass jars, and seashells.

nautical "sailor" / Baby Shower "Monique s babyshower" | Catch My Party

Soft Pastel Shades

We immediately think of pastel shades such as soft pink, lilac purple, peppermint green, baby blue, or lemon yellow for a dream walkabout. These are particularly suitable for spring. How about, for example, sugar candy with colored icing or cupcakes?

Come Into the World

A world so small yet so big to discover! With this theme, you’ll bring a world view to your baby shower. Your invitations will be boarding passes, your guests will write messages on a world map, the catering will be multicultural, and you’ll give your guests a little piece of luggage – sugar beans.

It’s a Flamingo!

Striking trends mark each new year. We all feel a sudden fascination for flamingos, unicorns, cacti, pineapples, or greenery. Take a quick look at the trends for the coming year. This way, you’ll be already up to date with the latest and hottest gadgets.

Muffins, Cupcakes, Cupcake, Cake, Sweet, Food, Dessert

Gold Rose Baby Shower

A classic that can turn into a beautiful theme when it’s pink, combine it with lots of gold, turning the theme into Rose Gold!

You already know that a beautiful baby girl is coming and you want to celebrate it with pink everywhere. Add white and gold tones, and you’ll have a beautiful and elegant baby shower.

Accessories that shouldn’t be missing:

-Pink and gold design balloons and golden balloons.

-Elegant accessories such as chandeliers, mason jars that you can spray in rose gold or gold.

-Shiny confetti and faded tablecloths.

-Gold disposable plates and cups.

Tropical Baby Shower

Think palm trees and the sea, fresh fruits like watermelons and pineapples. A tropical baby shower is a fairly neutral theme to surprise the baby’s gender or keep it a secret until birth. Greens and whites dominate here, but you can also add gold accessories.

The basics of a tropical style baby shower:

-Natural palm trees and artificial palm leaves to decorate tables.

-Gold and white balloons, some paper lamps in these shades.

-Use fruits such as pineapple and watermelon to make a beautiful and sweet table.

Do you have any other unique theme ideas for baby showers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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