Setting up a Fabulous Dessert Table in 7 Steps

Whether it’s a theme party or a wedding, the dessert table is now a real craze around the world. The classic “dessert buffet” has already become an increasingly important part of the entire event in recent years. And, although setting up the perfect dessert table may seem difficult at first, believe us, if you follow a few simple guidelines you will be all set! In this article, we’ve gathered 7 easy steps that will guide you to prepare a fabulous sweet table that will blow all your guests away.

1. Decide On a Theme

First of all, it is essential to have a clear idea of the theme because all sweets and decorations must be in perfect harmony with it. For example, a birthday party for children may require a candy table with a farm theme. In this case, it may be a matter of recreating a kind of lawn where candies and cakes decorated with the animals’ faces are placed.

A birthday party for adults, on the other hand, could have a “Hollywood” theme. Here, you can print a set of cardboard labels with Hollywood details for the table.

2. Pick the Perfect Color Palette

Choosing a color scheme that works with the picked theme is key. Color combinations can be simple or complex. An example of a simple combination is the combination of only two colors: pink and beige.

A more complex color palette can be the “sweet table of teletubbies,” where the colors you will choose are all those present in the cartoon. In this scenario, the brightest shades’ choice will be necessary to recreate the theme, which will not work in the same way with the use of pastel colors.

3. Select the Right Space

Choose the right space to place your candy table against a wall or a window with a view. Ensure that there is always enough room in front of you so that your guests can serve themselves comfortably and have a chance to admire the table.

4. Design the Background

Even the choice of the retro buffet background, the so-called “back drop”, is a factor not to be underestimated, as it will give you a more harmonious composition as a whole.

You can use curtains, a print, or decorative elements that can also be paper decorations or balloon bows. The certainty is that the backdrop of your sweets table will greatly enhance the whole arrangement.

5. Keeping Heights in Mind

If you look at a well-structured candy table, you will notice that not every item has been placed there by chance. You can follow an “up-down-up” or “down-up-down” pattern, which either way will be very pleasing to the eyes and less monotonous.

If you follow the first pattern, you will place the highest elements on both sides of the table and the middle’s lowest element. On the other hand, if you follow the second pattern, you will place the lowest elements at the board’s ends and the highest element in the center.

6. Include Labels for Each Candy Variety

Simple sweets such as chocolate cookies or white cream cakes and strawberries may not need labels, but all sweets decorated with sugar dough, including cakes, may need labels where you handwrite or print the different flavors or ingredients.

7. Deciding Which Candies to Choose

Usually, at a sweets table, you never run out of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and candies, but it depends a lot on the theme, especially on what your guests like.
For example, some people are fans of cakes and sweets made from sugar dough, so shortcrust pastry baskets and ricotta cannoli can’t be missing. In your case, try to understand what your guests’ tastes are and choose accordingly what they might like most.

Now that you have all the basics to make a lovely sweet table, you are ready to go. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know how it turned out.

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