Soccer Birthday Party: 11 Exciting and Unique Ideas that Will Help

Soccer Birthday Party

The soccer themed birthday party is the craze of the moment among kids who love this sport. This theme offers the freedom to make different color combinations and even explore outdoor spaces.

The whole soccer decoration can incorporate elements that resemble this sport, such as a lawn, a net, a ball, soccer shoes, among others.

The soccer themed party is timeless, fun and offers many decorating possibilities. The ” big hit ” can be to take inspiration from the favorite team of the birthday boy or girl or even from the championships, as for example the World Cup. In addition, the “Vintage Football” theme is also a good option to escape the obvious.

If you don’t know where to start and how to proceed not to worry! We’ve got you covered; we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for a football-themed birthday party. Keep reading for wonderful inspiration!

  1. Main Table

The main table is one of the crucial aspect your should consider when decorating for your party. For instance, to decorate as per the soccer theme, you can opt for a themed cake, with its decorative letters (which form the word “GOAAL”) and many elements in green. There are also rag dolls inspired by the players and some plants, like tripe and succulents that you can use.

  1. Balloons and Trophees
    Balloons and Trophees

There are many simple and inexpensive ideas to reinforce the soccer theme, such as using balloons and trophies in the decor. One brillant idea would be to use balloons in a wooden crate and a champion trophy on the main table.

  1. Mini Trophees

Looking for football-themed birthday gifts? Here’s a creative suggestion that fits in your pocket: surprise guests with mini trophees. And, inside each treat, put a chocolate ball.

  1. Personalized T-Shirts

Order soccer shirts, personalized with the birthday boy’s or girl’s name. Then choose a spot at the party to assemble a clothesline and hang the pieces. You can be very creative with those pieces!

  1. Themed Lunch Boxes

Are you familiar with the lunch box concept? Then you can personalize it with a soccer theme and include candies in each box. At the end of the party, give your lunchboxes to the kids as a gift.

  1. Primary Table Background

There are different ways to customize the background of the main table, one of which is to create a soccer field. You can draw the stripes with white chalk on a chalkboard or even customize a piece of green paper with the markings. It’s a lot easier than a balloon sign, isn’t it?

  1. Net with Balls

You can hang a net from the ceiling, more precisely above the main table. Inside this net, place several soccer balls.

  1. Birthday Cake

The cake inspired by the soccer theme can be fictional or real. Among the most interesting ideas, it is worth mentioning the cake with green dough and several small balls inside, like the famous chocolate Piñata cake.

  1. Cupcakes

Soccer themed cupcakes promise to make the main table more beautifully decorated. A good idea to decorate the goodies is to simulate the lawn with green icing, then finish it with “balloons”.

  1. Personalized Bottles

Gone are the days when kids used disposable cups. Now they really love personalized bottles. With a green color, football label and whistle, a personalized bottle is sure to be a hit with little guests.

  1. Personalized Labels

Are you going to serve snacks at your child’s party? Then decorate each snack with a football tag. This idea is simple, practical, and inexpensive and guarantees an incredible result when it comes to decoration.

Do you have any other original and exciting ideas to decorate your child’s football party? Don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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