The 80s Themed Events: Things to Consider When Throwing Your Party


As soon as our birthday or the birthday of a loved one begins to arrive, it is inevitable that we ask ourselves if there will be a party and, if so, what theme it will have. Indeed, there are a multitude of themes that can be chosen, especially if we are talking about a party for children. A recent trend is the decades theme, such as the 60’s party, the 70’s party and even the 80’s party.

In terms of decorating, even the 80’s themed party is one of the most fun ones, as it is a period of world history that has attracted a lot of attention because of its striking colors, which were very present in the art and culture of the time. So, an 80’s themed party decoration is bound to be flashy, fun, and in a way that interests guests.

Besides, the 80s party is one of the few themes that can be applied thoroughly, that is, with music, decoration, food and everything properly framed in the theme. This is possible because of the great cultural and creative effervescence of this period, which was actually very abundant in style, art and everything associated with fun and breaking the rules.

If you love this idea and want your birthday to be just as fun, read on and learn how to throw an 80s party in the best way possible.

How Does the 80’s Theme Party Work?

An 80s theme party can be defined in many ways, but the best adjective in this case is certainly “fun”. Indeed, we are talking about a period that has always been struck by the freshness and joy that can be seen in music, movies, fashion, visual arts, etc. A good 80’s themed party is therefore a nice tribute to fun and joviality.

Another very important element for an 80’s party are the colors, as well as a neon party, which actually attracts a lot of attention when you see a photo taken in that era. Neon tones are an example of this, as it was precisely at this time that they began to be used with more force. So an 80’s party without such flashy elements as neon can be a bit dull.


Ideas for decor

As we have already mentioned, the 80s was very rich in cultural terms, so there are many elements that can be referenced and used in the 80s party decoration. For example, vintage movies, which have their own aesthetic and can easily fit into an 80s party that has a more delineated cutout, which in this case would be the movies.

Vintage consumables can’t be missing in an 80s party decoration either. Cassettes, colored glasses, magic cubes are good examples of what can be inserted into an 80s party without fear of going wrong. They can also be associated with the video games of the time, as the 80s were the first to have the games that are so popular in the entertainment world today.

Planning the Party

Knowing how to organize an 80s party is the desire of many, something quite understandable, given that it is a theme that has many references and can have many at the same time. However, the main tip for decorating and organizing an 80s party is to establish a small cut or at least decide on a shortlist of elements to be included in the theme.

Anyone who knows how to decorate a party with balance will know how to throw an 80’s party. The interesting thing is to choose a style that has more to do with you. If you are interested in movies, for example, feel free to put posters and elements that remind you of movies at your 80s party, something that can also be extended to fashion, music, visual arts and everything that defines this period.

Do you have any other tips to throw an 80s Party? Share them with us in the comment below!

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