How to Throw an Amazingly Fun Holi Party?

How to Throw an Amazingly Fun Holi Party?

As a foreigner, I personally love India and the Indian culture. I don’t over-idolize them, but for me, I can see an unmistakable warmth and deep wisdom rooted in old Indian customs and traditions.

Shaping their language, cuisine and festival and inclined mostly towards religious beliefs, I see India as a very rich and cultural-oriented nation.

But, what I love the most is their popular festival of color, also known as Holi.

Celebrating the divine and eternal love of Krishna and Radha, it’s very hard to resist the spirit of Holi.

I’ve always thought of organizing a Holi party, but I’m glad today I’m finally getting the chance to share this festival spirit with you.

#1. Choose the Color Venue

Choose the Color Venue

Marking the arrival of spring, Holi is an Indian festival that brings people together and celebrates the triumph of good over evil with vibrant colors.

So, the more, the merrier, right?

But, the question here is: Is your house big enough (as big as Mukesh Ambani’s billion-dollar home) to host all your friends and families?

Plus, I’m sure you are aiming for lots of fun and fun doesn’t include scrubbing your house right after colors have been splashed on every surface.

If you are planning for a party with a considerable amount of guests, you might need to consider your backyard. Other possibilities include a public park, a beach, an industrial area or any other open space.

#2. Send Out Your Invitations

Send Out Your Invitations

I don’t know you, but I doubt you’d include any random people in your guest list.

No matter how much fun you want to have with your friends and families, fixing, a guest list would help you to establish a budget.

Once the guest list is ready, it’s time to deal with the invites.

You are completely free to go with typical invitations but since Holi is not your usual occasion, there’s no harm in getting a bit creative.

My personal tip: Go fancy and oriental with beautiful handmade invitations, including a packet of gulal and some yummy gujiyas.

#3. Prepare Your Supply of Colors

Prepare Your Supply of Colors

Renown all over the world, although the Indian nation is full of different cultures, accompanied with unique customs and traditions, they still stand united when it comes to celebrating the “Festival of Love.”

I’m not all too familiar with this festival, but I can opine that the essence of this event is colors.

I can’t say I’ve played with it, but Indian movies and tv shows depict the custom of applying color to just anybody during that day without feeling conscious about their age, gender or position in the society.

Again, my personal advice is to make use of organic and herbal colors for the safety of your guests and the environment.

And, to keep the color party going on, make sure you’ve got a huge stock of colors for the entire day.

#4. Fix a Dress Code

Fix a Dress Code

Holi doesn’t only embark you on a journey of love and joy, but smiles are spread and freedom is embraced when all negativity within you is wiped out.

And, what can represent purity better than white?

This white and rich legacy is mostly slayed by Bollywood celebrities in movies.

A hatke tip: Today, it’s not compulsory to dunk yourself in plain white clothing. You can either go all pink and yellow like Alia Bhatt in Badri Ki Dulhania or try different colored crops such as pink-colored scarfs.

#5. Add Some Kala Chasma

Add Some Kala Chasma

Who wears sunglasses while partying?

Only those who want to glam up and can afford the ritz of real fun.

#6. Don’t Forget the Drinks

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Honestly, based on what I’ve learned, Holi is incomplete without some bhang-laced thanda.

Not ready for a heavy morning hangover yet? Better go for virgin cocktails and soft drinks.

Now, you’ve got a perfect guide for a Holi party. And, in case, I’ve missed something, well, bura na mano holi hai.

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